Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me !


I had a simple meal with my family yesterday night to celebrate in advance!! *yumyums*

Then we even cut cake yesterday night as we all have our plans tonight! :) 

I love my cake! :O

Then I wanted to have pretty nails on my burffday, so I decided to do my own nail.

Tadaaaaa ! Pretty ? I did it myself! D.I.Y!

Hahaha, So here's a picture of me "oops-ing" because I almost cut my cake without blowing the candles and making my wishes first! 

Anyway, Thoughs of being 20, I feel that I have grown more matured within the past few years and I have already stepped into the working world, Facing all the shit that happens and the feeling of NOT being able to TAKE LEAVE on my first birthday when im holding a JOB. GREAT COMPANY..

But anyway, I want to thank everyone who has appeared in my life for the past 20 years :) Be it good or bad memory, I will try to remember all the little bits and pieces of memory! & I wish everyone to have alot of money to go shopping! & Please come back to read my blog more often so that I can bring more goodies for you guys!

Bye! XOXO,