Friday, September 7, 2012

{SPS} [Review] Lactacyd Intimate White


Today Im going to talk about something that you GUYS will never understand :)
SO, All my female readers, LOOK HERE! Here's something that will make your intimate Bikini Area more ATTRACTIVE! Yes, ATTRACTIVE!

Got sponsored these 2 NEW products launched by LACTACYD !
Attractive V area, Im coming! ^o^

1st Up: For Youth Revitalizing, go for the YELLOW BOTTLE!

What it does:
Perfect for maintaining feminine health, the Lactacyd Revitalize invigorates with extra-nourishing care for your intimate zone. Its special mild formula rejuvenates by preventing dryness and loss of skin elasticity.  

What it contains:
1. Enhanced formula with vitamin E and collagen

2. Extra moisturizing effect 

3. Suitable for sensitive skin

2nd Item: For whitening, Go for the Blue bottle, White Intimate!

Why do I need this?
Sweat and excessive friction from tight clothing (e.g. Normal Day Panties) can darken the skin around the intimate area, causing self-consciousness, decreased confidence or inhibiting intimacy. 

What so good about this?
Made with natural whitening ingredients – plant based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area.
 Clinically proven to give lightening results in as little as 7 days.1
 9 out of 10 Asian women claims to see visible lightening results within 4weeks based on actual product use test.2

 Still enhanced with a gentle combination of Lactoserum + Lactic acid, which is dermatologically tested to be safe and specially formulated to provide cleansing and long lasting freshness. 

Safely fairer within 4 weeks.3 Natural formulation, which cleanses as well as lightens. Dermatologically proven safe for your most intimate area.1   

1Hypoallergenicity test on 35 Asian women, Clinical Trial Management and Associates Facility, 25 Apr – 30 May 2011 
2Use test on 100 Asian women, Synovate Ipsos, Sept – Dec 2011
3Product use test on 200 Asian women, Synovate-Ipsos, Sept – Oct 2011

And Also, V Area Clean and Attractive, your face and other body parts also can be clean and whiter and you can even go out without makeup !!

Introducing to you! OATMEAL SCRUB!

YES! YOU HEARD IT! Having your own DIY Oatmeal Scrub, helps to remove blackheads and dead skin cells and rediscover that white and radiant skin that you had 12345 years ago! *ifyouknowwhatimean*

Go to Lactacyd Facebook Page and key in your particulars with a SECRET PASSWORD and you will get your sample! ^o^
Oh, What is the SECRET PASSWORD? Its My Blog URL:
Simple as that! Just head over there now to grab all the samples and get whiter and cleaner Bikini area!! 

Show my happy face because im going to have clean and white V Area!