Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello Baby Dinos! LOL.

So recently, I keep going to those online voucher websites like, or GROUPON, or VOUCHERLICIOUS ETC ETC ETC LA!

So that day me and le boyf went to MBS, YES MARINA BAY SANDS, to eat Japanese Food at 
Bay Sushi

Pic credit to google.

It a Beautiful Place, ATAS FEELING !! 

Cons: Had to pay for drinks! Hahahaha!

Total of 4 Sides and 1 Main dish and 1 Dessert for this deal! SUPER Filling!
Avocado Salad & Miso Soup

Agedashi Tofu. (Is it spelled like this?)


(Clockwise Direction)
Agedashi Tofu & Chawanmushi & Avocado Salad & Miso Soup

Le Boyf's Orange Chicken Rice. SUPER GOOD + BIG PORTIONS

My Tonkatsu with Rice.
OMG SUPER CRISPY TONKATSU, but the meat about tough as it was a very thick cut, But Super worth it!! x_x

By the time we tried to squeeze in what ever that was on our plate, we were SUPER FULL already!
Then I reminded myself that there was still cheesecake! OMG!! 
But luckily it was just a small piece and it tasted so DAMN GOOD!
I forgot to take a picture of it, and this picture is the only one i could find on google. 
It does not do it justice!!

Conclusion: SUPER WORTH IT! $25 for a 6 course japanese meal at MBS, which originally costed $50 and above! OMG its a steal!!! 

So you, Yes you, reading this post which is ending soon, lol.
Im telling you, GO SUBSCRIBE for all the Online Voucher websites that you can find!!
YES, I know there are bound to be Sammers or what online, But as long as you are careful and read ALL the terms and conditions, you should be safe and fine to proceed splurging! ^o^

Good luck in getting super awesome deals! LOL. Im like doing Free advertisement for them.