Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hey guys,
So as stated in the title, I'm going to post about some thoughts that have been going through my mind for awhile now .

1. Work/Working Life
IT SUCKS! Especially when you are like me, just graduated , and you go into a company and you held such high hopes of continuing to work here (even maybe for the rest of your life kind). And what the shit do you get ? Stupid office politics and lousy superiors ? What do you expect out of somebody who already has a bias view against you ? No matter how much you try and wok hard, that person will always have a bias view towards you ! No use trying at all unless you save that person's life's and all and in turn they become so grateful to you bla bla bla. (only will happen on television dramas) I'm not going to say so much, I'm just going to say that hope those people who cause my sorrows to suffer in 1 way or another.

Well, my point is , I'm a jobless lady as of this minute that you are readin this post ! Hahaha ! I have stepped into this working world for 6 months and I have stepped out of it now ! But don't worry ! I will look for a job soon to support myself and work towards a brighter future ! :)

2. Blogging life
Ever since I started blogging again (Third time coming back to blog), I feel that I want to continue here and never leave ! I want more people to read my blog, I want more people to know abou all the good places/food/deals that I'm having myself! I love meeting new people ! And yes I have indeed met many new friends in my blogging life ! Some are good, some are just there but they are all my friends, and I'm glad that I found them through something I like to do, which they do too .. Shall not say so much here . :)

I do hope all my readers would come read my blog everyday and I would try my best to update every 1-2 days !! Haha . And I'm in the midst to get some great deals for you guys ! I hope it all worlds out ! ^~^

That's all for now!