Monday, October 1, 2012

Greenery In Singapore

Went out for a lunch date with le boyf the other day.
Wondering around aimlessly until this aunty who works at manhattan fish market caught my attention with their lunch deal promotion. :/

Mushroom Soup

Fish & Chips

Grilled fish on garlic herb rice

Then its Just me and my Camera and the Nature.
Idk why I have been taking lots of pictures of mother nature with my cammy lately..

-Macritchie Reservoir-

Okay la, Nothing much to see except green grass!
But if you would like a quiet afternoon with the nature and yourself, Do head over to the Sengkang Riverside park! Super Quiet one, Nobody hardly goes there! LOL!
But of course if you stay in Jurong I would not recommend you to travel all they way here la. Hahahaha! Okay la! Byebye! ^o^