Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Make up Maybe ?

Hello Dinos! Today is not going to any PRO makeup Tutorial, nor am I trying to teach you about how i do my normal make up. Im just her eto show you what are some of the products i use for my make up now :)

1. Hair Velcro to remove all the hair/fringe from your face :)

Step 2, Stick on Double Eyelid Sticker for deeper double eyelids, Easier to draw your eyes too!

Step 3: Concealer, sometimes when im lazy I just forget about it :)

After Concealer :D My eyebrows look like i have already drawn one. LOLS ..

Next is BB Cream ! Im using the one I bought at The Face Shop as it is more compatible to my skin tone :D

After BB Cream, Eye Brows ! :D I love drawing my eyebrows now a days :)

After the Brows, Time to draw eye liner. Im using Candy Doll Liquid Eyeliner in Brown. 
My new found love! 

How do I look ? :D

2 Camho Shots :D

Okay Bye ~~ :D

p.s Im starting Work TOMORROW !!! OMG OMG OMG !