Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great Saturday Spent :)


It was a Sudden decision to meet up with the Boy for a lunch date ^o^
We decided to head over to Xing Wang @ White Sands! 
Next Time I can head over there for Supper and be a Wee Owl . LOL

Favourite MUST-HAVE Drink, Ice Yuan Yong/Yang o.o

Must Have, Thick Toast with Peanut Butter & Condensed Milk!

HAHAHAHAHA! Dont Know Look Like What Already!

The Boy Had AWESOME Curry Noodles with Chicken Cutlet :)

I had MEH Mushroom & Chinese sausage Bamboo Rice. ):
I stopped eating it after like 3-4 Mouths. :\

Mango & Prawn Pastry :) They Fresh Crispy Prawns !

Then we headed to Somerset to walk walk look look shop shop ^o^
I saw this amazing BAPE x TRANSFORMER 3D art but i could not get in to experience it ! MEH .
But really fantastic art piece !

Then I went to walk walk at the newly opened AIRCONDITIONED Scape Basement Place.
LOL, I dont know the name of it!

I went to Carmine Avenue to get a NYX Lipstick in the colour that is similar to the one I bought at Etude House for my Sister, AND LOOK WHAT I GOT? >:)

Then Happy Girl with her new lipstick at a discounted price went to see the SUBARU CHALLENGE at TAKASHIMAYA/NGEE ANN CITY ! :) SO MANY PEOPLE !!

And I Caught This mascot preparing to head out! Poor Guy, he must be dying inside!

Then I went home and had a special guest staying over at my house that day! :D

My cute God Brother who is only 7 THIS YEAR! :O

Haha, Just look at his cheeky smile! Can help but want to squeeze his chubby cheeks!!
I love having Sleepovers! REALLY! Because you can do somethings out of your normal routine before you sleep, like bitch about people or just discuss about random things and laugh at it or even play card games, Watch videos on youtube? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES ! 

I wait to hear from you all har! :3