Friday, May 2, 2014

{SPS} I love yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser

A product that Hong Kong Even Hong Kong Actress Tavia Yeung is using? What Is It ?
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Yeap, You've seen it! Its a ALL-IN-ONE Yogurt Cleanser! It works as a Normal Daily Cleanser AND/OR it can remove your make up in 1 minute! YAY to ALL-IN-ONE Products! I Love Yo-u Already! (pun intended)

Benefits of I Love Yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser: 
• Non-oily, non-alcoholic organic cleanser 
• Creamy formula & extremely gentle on the skin
• Saves time – Eye & Face make-up remover + Cleanser all in one! 
• Use daily for deep cleansing of pores
• Unclogs blocked pores clogged pores with makeup

• Dermatologically tested
• Ophthalmologically tested
• Minimizes skin irritation
• Minimizes irritation on the eyes
• Removes eye make-up and even waterproof mascara without a trace
• Gentle on the delicate eye contour area
• Prevents breakouts
• Soothing sensation after use 

I tried it on myself and it removed my 24hr Lasting water eyeliner from K-palette, my eye shadow, my eyebrow pencil, my CC cream pretty thoroughly, I love it! It saves all my hassle and I can go to sleep even quicker now! haha.

So remember to go grab your I Love Yo! Yogurt Cleanser from Guardian at only $22.80 for the full sized 90g Yogurt Cleanser! :) Or you can go get a sample from The Sample Store first before you purchase! :D

With Love, M