Saturday, May 10, 2014

FNNSDD5 Finalist Interview - The Gentlemen Collective

Congratulations on The Gentlemen Collective for getting into the finals!!
So, I got the chance to interview this group of passionate boys and got to know a little more about The Gentlemen Collective. They are really a group of nice boys who just want to dance till they drop(dead), I'm Serious! Take a look at the interview below! :)

The Gentlemen Collective and their Group Logo Tee
1. Why is your group called "TGC" and how did TGC come together as a group?
We are called The Gentlemen Collective because we think that it represents our concept, our music and what our instructors want us to portray, and we think that this name really send the message out and also our identity out to the audience.

We were caught by our higher authorities, our instructors, our choreographers chose us and they felt that we would be a good team to work together with. No, we did not have a choice, we just received a message like it was like a spy show, *cue phone ring tone* , then we all are decided.

The Gentlemen Collective at the Preliminary round
2. What is the biggest challenge that TGC have faced so far as a group?
When we all first came together, we were all plagued by injuries from our previous dance exerience and stuff, we were very injured, so that hindered our practice for awhile. We've even been to the A& E a few times, so we felt that that was our biggest challenge. After we got past that, everyone recovered, our prac(practice) could continue.
The Gentlemen Collective at the Preliminary round
3. What does TGC hope to achieve from taking part in FNNSDD5?
We hope that from this experience and this performance, we will stay together as a group. This experience will be so fun and so enjoyable that we would want to join other competitions together as a group. That's our main purpose.  

4. How long have TGC been together?
Erm, we've been established since (Holds out group shirt) 2013, since November 2013. (That's only about 6months only and their team work is very impressive.) 
The Gentlemen Collective at the Preliminary round
5. What would stop anyone from TGC from dancing?
If we reach a point where our injuries prevent us from our further dancing. Dance till we drop, yes, drop dead! (Wow, they are really passionate about dance!) And yes, National Service(NS), NS will definitely hinder our dance progress. 

6. What is TGC favourite Dance/Music Genre?
We like Hip Hop..., That's what we really love. Erm, and yes, we love trap music and BBoy.

7. So anybody in here secretly likes ballet?
Well.... There's a Contemporary dancer here *points* , and Street Jazz *points* (Oh, quite a good mixture) Yes we are quite versatile. *Smiles*
The Gentlemen Collective at the Preliminary round
8. What is the hardest part about dance?
The hardest part definitely would be our musicality. Getting the music and our dance move in total synchronization, that is the hardest part, and also top step out of the box. And also expressing the emotion through our body, instead of through the face. We want to express the dance through our body.

9. How do TGC get so cohesive?
Through our bonding sessions, we go out to buy costumes together. Er, we spend alot of time playing card games *laughs* handphone games, alot of guy stuffs la. And we go to the bus stop, we spend alot of time at the bus stop, because usually our practice ends very late, and the frequency of the bus is very slow.. *laughs* 
The Gentlemen Collective at the Preliminary round
10. So do you guys always head out for supper?
Err... Breakfast! We always go for breakfast together when we have morning practice! 9am is our morning practice, so we will have breakfast at 8am. (No supper?) No... No. we are very healthy, supper's not our style. 

11. So do TGC practice many times a week? Or just once a week?
We practice everyday, we try to practice as much as we can. 
The Passionate Gentlemen.
12. So is there anything TGC members would like to tell the fellow dance enthusiast who love to dance but are afraid to step out of their comfort zone?
Be brave, Be fierce! Dance is all about portraying who you are. When you are on stage, there's nothing you can do but dance and at the point of time, you are one with the music. It's just.. really.. something that you can connect with. You should definitely do it, definitely try it. (Just YOLO right?) Ya ! You must crave for the stage.

13. Does anybody have Stage Fright problems?
*AHEM* Yes, I have slight stage fright problems (Says the one who is the spokesperson of the whole interview), but that's the fun of it la, the thrill, the adrenaline rush.

Here's the video for the interview and please ignore my irritating voice in the background and just focus on The Gentlemen Collective la! I'm still new to video-ing so no edits on this video and yes, please enjoy. It's as real as it can get!


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