Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{SPS} OWL serves up 3 new special recipe instant milk tea

Singapore's Award-winning Straits Asian coffee and tea favourite OWL has added more enticing recipes to get its loyal followers hooting for more. OWL has launched Three New and unique OWL Special Recipe Instant Milk Teas - Thai Iced Tea, Hong Kong Yuan Yang and Singapore Teh Tarik! 

The New OWL thai Iced Tea embodifies all that is good of a "Cha Yen" in Thailand, promising to put a smile on your face from the Land of Smiles! Made from  Strongly brewed tea that is noted for its burst of flavours, Thai Iced Tea is enjoyable whether Hot or Cold in the comfort of My Home or your Home! AND I DID smile when I drink the Thai Iced Tea ley, really! Hahaha, It makes me think of my Bangkok Trip where Even the Macdonalds Serve CHA YEN! ♥

Yuan Yang is one of the most popular Hot/Cold Beverage in Hong Kong as it combines the flavours of a soothing milk tea with the robustness of a good coffee in proportions I can never get it right. But of course, OWL will not miss out this chance to produce a uniquely singapore tea, Our Teh Tarik. The OWL Singapore Teh Tarik is a hot milk tea which has Indian Origins. It's a local favourite which was birthed from road side stalls and coffee shops. 

The OWL Special Recipes teas follow the recent successful launch of OWL's White Coffee Tarik Special Recipe range. Consumer response on the OWL White Coffee Tarik Original, Brown Sugar White, Hazelnut, Coconut sugar and Coffee with Creamer are tremendous, which further strengthens  and consolidates OWL special recipes range as a leader in the market.

So head over to any leading supermarkets or hypermarts to get your hands on these delicious new creations! 

Thank you OWL for the invitation to share this news with my readers! :)

With Love, M