Thursday, May 15, 2014

Highlights of FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 Finals!

WOW, It's over just like that. The FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 has come to an end with a BANG!
Congratulations to FLAIR ORIGINS for emerging as the Champion of FNNSDD5!

Now let's take a look at the different exciting activities that was happening on the Finals day - Check out the Crowd!! This crowd was formed like more than 1 hour before the actual even actually started!

Installment of FnN Mixology stands are here for you to quench your thirst! Mix up any of your 2 favourite FnN Sparkling drinks for a whole new level of experience! Be spoilt for choices, Flavours ranging from:
F&N Cool Ice-Cream Soda, F&N Cheeky Cherryade, F&N Outrageous Orange, F&N Flashy Fruitade, F&N Groovy Grape OR F&N Sarsi !

FnN Groove Nation Live Stimulator with Tosh & Terence! Dance along with their step by step tutorial and get to snap a photo with Tosh & Terence and to get it printed out! Awesomeeeeeeeeeee! Not many people dared to go up to the stimulator but quite a handful who went ahead and tried, and I believe they enjoyed it themselves! I did not do it because.... *looks down* My hand & leg co-ordination is not good, AT ALL!

Want to try it out in the comfort of your home? Or just don't want people looking at you dance? 
 You can learn the steps with the dance tutorial here and practice until you are darn good at it. Then click here to get instructions on how upload your own episode of the Singapore Dance Anthem!

Photo wall opportunities! 



And Snap!

Hashtag it with #FNNSDD5 and get your photos printed out instantly! Wooohoooo! FnN Sparkling Drinks is really generous for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 ! Free flow of FnN Sparkling Drinks for all Dancers and Guest and many beautiful Photo walls and instant prints, so you just keep hashtagging, and they will keep printing, hehe. I love getting my photos printed out at events! ♥
So after all these exciting activities to do before the event, It is then time for you to get seated into the Theatre where it all will begin.

First Up - The Judges. 
Each of them had their charisma of their own, with their individual dance style, the audience and myself enjoyed every second of the dance showcase.
Ryan Tan
Henry Linke
Shaun Evaristo


Now it's time for the Finalists, We have teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand! A Total of 24 Groups dancing it out to clinch as the Champion of FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5, and also a chance to compete in Japan's Dance Delight Vol. 21!

Here's the Top 3 of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5!
2nd RUNNER UP: Freekzy Bots

1st RUNNER UP: Four Thirteen

CHAMPIONS: Flair Origins

Take a look at the other awesome teams!

More photos can be found at my facebook page - Michhysaurous

Then there was a X-Mini mini Competition for the audience to win some awesome prizes from X-Mini!
They are all awesome even though some were Sabo-ed up on stage! *Thumbs Up*

Then Its The Result Showwwwww! Congratulations to all the Winners and Thank you to all the participants!
Check out my post about the Winners and the Judges!

And Thank you to The Gentlemen Collective & Amberria for the photos! I couldn't get the other teams to snap photos because they were all too busy!!

And I want to thank Omy and F&N Sparkling Drinks for inviting me to go on this journey with all the dancers! I am never into the dance industry because I can't dance for nuts, but I love watching people dance! It was definitely an eye opener for me looking at all the Dance Crews dance with all their passion, coming from around the region to compete together, for an experience where everybody have the same goal in mind, which is to just Dance for passion! Hoooray!

You can Check out all my other posts under the Label "FNNSDD5" or Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here. And thank you to my dear readers for following me in my journey with FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5! Congratulations to all winners and I hope to go to Osaka with Flair Origins and also to have a chance to blog about FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol.6 , Vol.7 and more? Hehe.

With Love, M