Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am blogging for FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5 !

I am Super Excited to Share that I am 1 of the 6 Official Bloggers for the FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5! Wooohoooo ! To be very honest, I can't dance for nutz but I love to watch people dance! The Poppin, Locking, B-boy, Hip Hop etc.

Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page

2014 marks the 5th Installment of Singapore Dance Delight. Presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks and Organized by O School, the winner of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5 Finals will be sponsored by F&N to represent ASEAN at the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 21 on August 31 2014 in OSAKA and a Chance to meet the Founder of Dance Delight, Mitsuhiro Harada a.k.a Machine!!

F&N has been presenting this event for the past 4 years to help young dance hopefuls fufill their dreams and aspirations. This year, F&N created F&N Groove Nation 2014, a platform for all dance enthusiasts to express their creativity and to spread their grooves. F&N has invited talented Singapore Deejay, DJ Ben, also known as "pSyk" to compose the First ever Singapore Dance Anthem. The Singapore Dance Anthem comprises of explosive beats and heart-pumping tunes to get everyone grooving.

Spreading the Groove is made simpler with the F&N Groove Nation App found on the F&N's Facebook Page! Send in a video of you dancing to the Singapore Dance Anthem via the App and it will be uploaded ontp F&N's Groove NAtion 2014's YouTube Channel for the World to see. YAY!

F&N have also invited 3 Prominent figures, Tosh Zhang( of The Lion Man cast), Fredy Kosman (Singapore's top dancer and O School instructor) and Terence from Joyce and the Boys(Champions, Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 & Vol.2), to lent their support to teach and inspire youth with the dance steps choreographed especially for the Singapore Dance Anthem!
Tosh Zhang - Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page

Terence - Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page

Fredy Kosman - Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page

And You can have a chance at winning something for yourself too this competition period! Simply purchase $3 of any participating brand's product, Send a sms to 73333 in the following format: FNN_SDD<Space>Last 6 digit of receipt number<Space>NRIC No.<Space>Name, And send an email with a photo of your receipt to fnncheers@gmail.com along with your Name, Contact Number, NRIC and Address To Qualify! It's that 3 Simple steps and you could be on your way to be the proud owner of a Lenovo Yoga Tablet or you could win tickets to the Finals of the FnN Singapore Dance Delight Vol 5!
Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page
Stay tuned to my post about the preliminary rounds and have a sneak peek at who are the finalist of the FnN Singapore Dance Delight Volume 5!

Pic credit: FnN Facebook Page

With Love, M