Monday, April 21, 2014

How To Buy Things From TaoBao using 65Daigou Service ?

Many of us know that buying things online is cheaper MOST of the time, and the most famous online shopping sites will be Qoo10(formerly known as Gmarket) , ASOS, Nasty Girl, and Taobao. But the thing is that Tao Bao does not ship to anywhere except China and there is no way we can buy things from there unless we have a friend/relative in China right? haha. BUT NO FEAR! Technology is great and it has come to help us!

Introducing ! It's your 1 stop solution buying things from TaoBao and also the Taiwan Version of TaoBao! :D YAY! So How does it exactly work? Lets do a Step By Step Tutorial so that everyone can understand and buy from TaoBao too!

1. Register an account with 65daigou and also download the iPhone App if you like the ease of checking any notifications from them or to track your orders.

2. Go to and start Searching for the item you want to buy according to categories and you can find really CHEAP stuffs there. BUT Be Warned that Quality of clothes may not be ideal and there are alot of Imitations so don't expect the Real Thing at TaoBao. 

You can sort your search by Best Sellers or Popularity or Price :)

(Tip: Always read Reviews of the item and if the Rating is 4.7 and above, it is usually safe to buy)

Or You can Buy things from the Taiwan Website Too! 

3. Copy and paste your Tao Bao Item Link onto 65Daigou's Website and input your selection and sizes ETC. They even ask you whether to drop the order or to get another colour if the one you want is OOS.

 Take Note of Price, and State your Preference in the "Your Remarks" Box, Like Size or Colour.
Then choose the Method of Shipping, Economy air is by far the best method in my opinion. The Cheapest method is "Sea Shipment"(Which in my opinion takes SUPER LONG), but it's up to you. ever since the "Economy Air" option came out, I have been choosing that as my shipping option, its WAY Faster than SEA Shipment! :) You can Choose the Even Faster Option, "Express Air" if you are in a rush to get your items. BUT! BUT BUT BUT, If the TaoBao Seller takes very long to dispatch the goods to TaoBao's Warehouse, then your items naturally will take longer to reach okay? :) 

After you have successfully submitted an item, you can click Add more and repeat the same steps again to add more items into your cart! :) 

4. Collate all your orders first then Place your order together. This is the 1st Payment for your item price and the shipping price from the taobao sellers to 65Daigou's Warehouse. Its usually quite cheap one. I love how 65Daigou auto converts the price from RMB to SGD, It really saves the hassle for me even if I'm buying things for friends, I can easily calculate the price!

5. WAIT PATIENTLY FOR YOUR ITEMS TO ARRIVE! (Exciting Part of buying things online! LOL)

6. When your order arrives in Singapore, 65 Daigou will calculate the Shipping Fee and Agent Fee for your order and you will have to make a 2nd Payment, this is also the last payment you have to make for your purchase with them.

7. Then it's time to arrange for Delivery or Self Collection or Group Collection according to your own preference. If you cannot wait liao, then choose Self Collection at their warehouse near you! If not, wait for the group collection timings at MRT Stations all around Singapore. If you order too many things, you can ask them to Deliver to your house! :D (I think this is how some blogshop owners do it one. LOL.)

You can monitor your goods from "My Account" > "My Order" (After you have placed your order > "My Shipment" (When it is shipped out from 65Daigou's Warehouse to SG) > "My Parcel" (When your order arrives in Singapore) > "Arrange Delivery" (when you have paid for the shipping fee) and you are free to collect your items at the different MRT stations or go to their warehouse to collect.

65daigou charges
Shipment Type Charge

Sea shipment: S$4.7 for first 500g, S$1.7 for every subsequent 500g.
Economy Air shipment: S$5 for first 500g, S$3 for every subsequent 500g
Express Air shipment: S$7 for first 500g, S$4 for every subsequent 500g
Special shipment: S$10 for first 500g, S$5 for every subsequent 500g

Taobao charges
Taobao also has credit card charge of 3% so their shipping is already more expensive than 65daigou plus you have to pay extra.

So Buying from 65Daigou is definitely the choice for me! Hahahaha.

If you are still unsure or If I missed out anything, You can tweet/email me to ask or you can go to 65Daigou's Help page. Link HERE! I hope this guide Helps those of you who are not sure on how to order from Taobao because they do not ship to Singapore unless you know how the new TaobaoSEA works LOL.

psst! I am buying from Taobao soon! So If you wanna buy anything, please email me the link of your item and also the specifications (e.g size, colour, design, quantity, etc) . My Email is & Subject of the email will be "(Your Name) Taobao Order" so that it is easier for me to track! :)
Happy Shopping!

With Love, M