Sunday, April 21, 2013

[F.T] Xiao La Jiao at I12 Katong!

Xiao La Jiao
I12 Katong Mall
112 East Coast Road
#03-05 Singapore 428802

Xiao La Jiao, Directly translated to Little Chili is a Restaurant Serving SiChuan Cuisine.
Check out their Special Rainbow Dumplings! YAY!

Xiao La Jiao is just One of the Many Restaurants under CreativEATeries :)

TOP 10 Specialities you must try at Xiao La Jiao! ^o^

Ready for the dishes????? Bring It ON Sister!!

Husband and Wife Beef Offal - $9.90
Spicy Dish But The Beef slices were so tender and the Beef Lungs gave me a impression of Pig Organs. LOLOL! Very Spicy Dish HOR! I warn you all first, all the non spicy eaters, Please slowly Savor This dish!!

Pig Ear Slices with Spicy Sauce - $6.90
I would say this is a part of a pig which I have not tasted before.
Crunchy Jelly is how I would describe it! With or without the sauce also nice!
Picture Credits Modgam

Sichuan Wonton with Spicy Sauce - $3.50
This is one of the most delightful Wonton in Spicy Sauce dish I have ever tasted!
The wonton skin is smooth and tender and the spicy sauce complements the fresh meat in the wonton so well that I had to resist finishing the spicy sauce! ><

Rainbow Dumplings (6 Flavours) - $7.50
Chives Steamed Dumpling, Tofu Steamed Dumpling, Pork Steamed Dumpling, Crabmeat Steamed Dumpling, Shrimp steamed dumpling and # Delicacies Steamed Dumpling!
Take Your Pick! Each of them brings you a different experience!

If you do not wish to order 6 different dumplings, you can order them separately too!

SiChuan Guo Tie - $5.50
Fresh and Juicy Fillings wrapped in a Not Too Thick Skin, Pan fried aroma with a little crispy texture on the base, I crave for more !!!!

Pork Strips in Sweet Bean Sauce - $11.90
Thinly Sliced Pork Strips fried with Sweet Bean Sauce, Great for the kids and non spicy eaters! Wrap it in the Special Beancurd Skin for a different mouthfeel.

SiChuan Fish Slices with Pickled Greens - $17..90
Spicy and Sourish Soup base makes you think that it's just a simple pickled vegetable soup, But enhanced with the peppers from sichuan, and the freshest slices of fish, You will want seconds!

Cabbage (WaWa Cai) with Rich Broth - $8.00
I am Not a Veggie Eater, BUT I had to try this dish bacause I know that wawa cai are known to be sweet and with the rich broth, Im sure It would taste heavenly, AND YES ! It does!! I also tried the Garlic Clove and it does not give me bad breathe ! LOL!

Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck -$ 29.00/$56.00
Have you dreaded eating duck bacause of that "Duck" after taste?
You dont have to worry about this one! The Chef spent 26 HOURS to prepare this dish by smoking it with tea leaves, The meat is ever so tender and match it with the sauce and cucumber for a different feel!
(Read till the end of this post for a good deal for this dush)
pic credit modgam

SiChuan Ma po Tofu - $9.80
Look at those BIG Chunks of Tofu! Definitely not messing around here!
Spicy and Saltish Ma Po Tofu, is best to go along with Rice! You will be finishing 2 Bowls of Rice at least if you order this dish! 

Ge Le Shan La Zi Chicken - $10.90
Must Try Dish in all SiChuan Restaurants is their La Zi Chicken, Chicken Cubes Fried with Many types of Peppers and Chilies, Best to Go with Beer I Recommebd! HAHA!

SiChuan Waxed Pork Soup - $6.50(2 Pax) , $12.80 (4 Pax)
Simple Clear Soup to help wash away all the excitement that we all had before. Strips of Waxed Pork, also know as HAM, is infused into the soup to give it much more flavour and the beancurd skin is in the soup as well, Such a Simple Delight.


SiChuan Pumpkin Pancakes - $4.90 (4 pcs)
Omnomnom! This is what I like! Chewy like Mochi but coated with Sesame on the outside! Sweet fillings inside but not too sweet, Suitable for everyone, 
Even Ah Gongs and Ah Mas ! :P

Mixed Sugar Guo Kui - $3.90 (4 Pcs)
I dont really know how to describe this, It tastes like mantou at first, but as you bite, it doesn't seem like a mantou, and the yummy lotus filling inside made me thought it's like an improvised Lotus Bun! Children will love it!

*wipes mouth* Are you Drooling like me now ? :D Hahaha. 
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I want to Thank Isaac (Guy wearing balck) for the Invite to this yummy Food Tasting!

Ending with a Group Shot of the bloggers present that day! ♥

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