Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{SPS} Liese Bubble Hair Dye - Jewel Pink

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Did you know, 
The first D.I.Y Hair Dye I used on my hair was Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Marshmallow Brown?
I think I got attracted to the Commercial on TV about the Super Easy Application which spur me on to D.I.Y myself ! ^^ And I did not regret 1 bit! :D

I was so happy that I got sponsored the Liese Bubble Dye in Jewel Pink!

So here's my hair BEFORE I used the Jewel Pink Hair Dye.
 It is total a Brown as compared to the Purple I once had (lasted for 5 days maybe) during CNY period. 

My Short lived Purple Hair. ):

I was telling myself that I did not want to dye my hair for a period of time so as to let them rest and to avoid any disappointment again. LOL, But I got sponsored the new liese Jewel Pink Hair Dye and I was elated to try it! Because it says that there will be a tinge of pink in it, not the usual Brown you see on copper hair colour. So I was pretty excited to try it out!

3 Simple Steps to Gorgeous Hair Colour!

I got my mum to help me with the dying process, as well as a mother daughter bonding session where she can nag at me while i have to sit still on the chair. haha! Great Idea. LOL! She even wrap my hair using cling film to prevent it from falling off but the cling flim wasn't strong enough to hold my hair, therefore she gave me a disposable shower cap later on. hahaha! Mummy the Best!

*I was wearing a black tee shirt with a white garbage bag over me to prevent 
any dye from getting onto my clothes. Super Kiasu*

And here you go! Ready to see the results? ^^

Taken using iphone 4s back Camera under Sunlight.
Can you sense that tinge of pinkishness?

Here's how it looks like under flash.
A comparison of before and after :)

It has a nice shade of Orangey, Reddish kinda colour and it is evenly spread out even at my bleached ends.
I love how easy it is to use liese Bubble Hair Dye to dye my hair.
& the best thing is that they include a after dye conditioner for you to intensely nourish your hair after you wash off the hair dye and shampoo. YAY To Chio and Smooth Hair with Liese Bubble Hair Dye!

They have many many other colours for you to choose from! :)

So Go Grab Your Super Fun D.I.Y Hair Dye at all leading Pharmacy like watson at only $19.90 !
Promised Coverage said by me!