Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[F.T] Bugis Junction Food Trail Part 1

Are you ready to read about 10 of the yummy food places you can find in Bugis Junction Alone?
But of course Bugis Junction does not only boils down to these 10 places I'm about to mention but please do check out some of the Recommended places okay? Confirm Worth your money one!

In Part 1, I am going to introduce 5 places to you first, just in case you get food coma just by reading this post! hahaha. Lets Get Started!! Choo Choo ~~

1st Stop: Everything with Fries 
(EwF for short)

Earl Grey Tea to start the day!

DA BOMB: One Egg Soup. I fell in love instantly! ♥

Skinny Wings! About half the size of a Normal mid wing, Confirm can Satisfy your cravings for more because its skinny! Can Eat More la ! ^^

Pork Belly Main Dish, Soft and Succulent Pork with the layers of Fats in between, This is not for the health Conscious guys and girls ah! Don't say I never warn you!

Basically this dish is a Salmon Dish, But the Salmon is cook to such perfection that it peels on easily and the crispy skin part gives it a extra texture in the mouth! I LOVE THIS DISH! WORTH THE PRICE MAN !! ^o^

Do not be fooled, This is Not a Steak, This is Not a Lamb Chop..
IT IS A PORK CHOP! YUMS ! Something for the Pork Chop lovers to indulge in!

Here is the Special dish of the day, Steak Tulang(Bone Marrow)!
Super Umique dish which grills the steak to medium well and the jelly Bone Marrow gives a different experience in our mouths! Shiok ah!

Grilled Beef Karubi! My Friends say its good! You must trust a Foodie's words! ^^

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich! Got to try a small piece of this and I must say it's not really fantastic, but if I were to crave for a chicken sandwich, I would definately order this dish! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Break Time! Take a look at the bloggers present that day! Snapping Away!

Me with Apple. (My mouth was full so i mde this expression. >< )

Me with Tselyn! Did'n't get to secure her a seat with my table cos she was late! :P

Are you ready for the next stop? :)

2nd Stop: Platypus Kitchen
 (Cute Name)

ATAS Dining Feeling lor! Mega Love! ♥

FACT 1: Platypus Kitchen's Pasta are ALL HANDMADE OKAY! YAY!
FACT 2: ALL PASTA PRICES ARE BELOW $20 LOR!! You will know why I emphasis this point later when you continue reading!

Owner of Platypus Kitchen, Nicholas! He's so nice and answers to all our questions!

Crab Cakes! Not Full of Flour Type, Full of Crabby Goodness Please!!


Risotto Balls! They Stuff Cheese inside these cute little Balls You know! When we Cut Open it then I was like "WAH CHEESE"

MY NEW FOUND LOVE! Truffle Fries! It's Topped with Real Truffles OKAY! AHEM!

Saffron and Caviar Riosotto! My First Time Trying Saffron and Caviar together, OH MY TIAN Its Heavenly! Super Like! Just to describe how Caviar taste like, Its Just SALTY! hahahaha! No Fishy Smell or what de ley! *Thumbs Up*

Spicy Diablo! GOT SAFFRON AGAIN! And this time, this dish is Tangy and Spicy, But it's still acceptable for me and with Crab and Lobster meat in it! Oooh La La !

Squid Ink Pasta! have no Fear of Staining your teeth anymore! The Squid ink is now infused in the pasta and no ink is used in the cooking process of this dish, therefore, NO STAINED TEETH! WOOHOO! Combined with a Tangy Sauce, This dish is a MUST TRY Okay!!

Truffle Carbonara! I love the Taste of Homemade Noodles, Plus the Light but not Gelat Carbonara Sauce, This dish does not make you feel sinful after you eat it! hahaha! Just EAT IT!

Notice the Tableside Service? Platypus Kitchen Aims to provide their customers with the feeling of Fine Dining BUT at Affordable prices! I'm falling in love with this restaurant already! ♥

Pressed Pork Belly ! Tender and Succulent Meat, With lesser Fats as compared to meat, Along side with the Fragrant Sauce and Fresh Vegetables, this dish SCREAMS "EAT ME OR YOU WILL REGRET!!" :D

Special Cocktails of the Day!
Smith's Ale (Apple Flavoured) and Momo Lychee (Duh Lychee Flavoured)
Most of the ladies present that day were more inclined to the momo lychee cocktail because it is sweeter and it has a prettier colour? LOLOLOL!

Iced Sea Salt Caramel Dessert! DA BOMB! WHY?
Beacuse of the generous Amount of popping candy on the top of the cake! All of the bloggers are popping away when this dish was served! hehe.

Platypus Kitchen is having 12 Weeks of Giveaway and This week, Its the Sea Salt Caramel Cake you see above! HEAD Down To Platypus Kitchen to get your Italian Fine Dining Experience at SUPER WORTH IT + Affordable Price! ♥

Okay, Just 1 More Picture of the Awesome Truffle Fries! :P

After Italian, What's Next?


3rd Stop: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant! 

Drunken Chicken (cold dish)
Tip: Eat the piece of chicken with the skin and it enhance the flavour! Try it!

Spicy & Sour Soup! Add in More Vinegar and Chili for a more China Taste ^^

XIAO LONG BAO! XLB Or Steamed Pork Dumplings!
FRESH MEAT Filling with alot of juice, Please do not waste a Single Drop!!

Tselyn showing off that she's fresh meat too? :O

King Sized Soup Bun with Crab Roe in it!
1 Word, FRESH! CAUTION when drinking, ITS SUPER HOT !

Lions Head! No idea why it is called Lions Head, BUT! The meat ball is hand made and super soft and with bits of chestnuts inside to add on to the mouthfeel, YUMS!

Slices of green bean noodles infused in the crab roe rich sauce. DELIGHTFUL!

Another Version is with mee sua! :D Both is equally Yummy!! ♥

So how are you now? Still Okay? hahaha!
Not Okay also must continue! Muahaha! I type so long so you must read also la okay?


4th Stop: Siam Kitchen 

Tom Yum Seafood Soup! Just nice Spiciness and Sourness. *Slurps*

Deep Fried Whole Fish! Must Dip in the Sauce Provided! Shiok one!

Green Papaya Salad! Refreshing!

Mixed Salad with Beef Fillet. Yummy Beef Slices and the large onions enhanced the flavour of the whole dish! ^o^

Grilled Boneless Chicken, Well marinated and Tender enough for kids! ^o^

Grilled Combo Platter! A Little Bit Of Everything and you will be satisfied! Great for paring with beer also la i feel! Up to you ^^
pic credit boyz86

That's all for our thai food adventure! Next up, Japanese!


5th Stop: KAZOKUTEI !

Zaru Udon, Mini Sushi and Zaru Soba.
My Personal Favourite would be the Zaru Udon! With the flour specially imported from Japan, Kazokutei makes the yummiest udons i have ever tasted in Singapore! ♥

Great stop here cos we no need to stuff ourselves silly but to still leave a lot of food left at the other outlets where they serve us alot of things >< Sorry!

TADAAAAAAAAA ! Congratulations, You have reached the end of Part 1 of my Bugis Junction Food Trail Journey with Omy SG! 5 Stops in this post and 5 More in the next! Be sure to check back soon because it''s going to get more exciting! HAHAHA! I think I can become half Lifestyle, Half food Blogger already! :O

With love, M