Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dinner Date with my Poly Mates

I Finally Met Up with some of my Poly Mates for a Dinner Date ^o^

We went to Plaza Singapura's Kazokutei. Oh Yummy Yummy Udon Place!

 Look at the Vast Spread on the Menu! I'm spoilt for choices! ><

Take a look at some of my Handsome and Beautiful Dinner mates ^^
Oh I love the feeling of poly mates gathering together for a simple meal and catching up about each other's life now ^^

Here come the food! Oh Yummy Just looking at the picture ! ♥

Tom Yum Seafood Udon! I Mega love their Udon!! Taste Super Different from normal Udon! Because Kazokutei imports their flour from Japan specially to make their Udon and Soba ! So all please go try it out okay? ^^

Here's the Very Yummy Omu Rice #01 ! The Yummy Beef Patty and Crispy Chicken Karaage with a bowl of seaweed soup and fries. And the rice in the Omu rice is tomato sauce rice i think! Different from normal Omu rice la! ^^

This is Yummy Omu Rice #02 i think ^^ Crispy Ebi fried Prawns and Oysters! 

After Dinner, we went to Marble Slab Creamery for something sweet to end the day off. Oooooh lala Calories! ><

I ordered a Hazelnut Smoothie which has Rocher and kit kat and many chocolatey goodness inside!! Hehe. Yummy but SUPER SINFUL! LOL! Go Try if you want ah! ^^

Simple Happiness like this is great.
"Find Happiness Within"

With Love, M