Monday, April 22, 2013

A Simple Gathering, A Huge Decision.

Hey Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!
Finally a Short Blogpost about myself! *Phew*
This was about 3 weeks back but I still feel relief that I made that Decision after these ladies talked to me about it :) If you guys havent already know, I Broke Up with my 2 Year Relationship Boyfriend. Thats all you need to know :)
Thank you Apple and Huiyan..

We went for Mitju Warehouse Sales and swept about almost 20 Pairs of shoes! HAHAHAHA! Super Shiok ! Those who never go really Should go next year la!

After that we went to Shokudo to have lunch, And I tried the Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Wasabi Mayo ! Yums Yums!

Both of them ordered Rosti with Curry! Quite Yummy also la! Haha, I love Shokudo so everything also not bad to me! :P

I just signed up their Card, called the Infiniteclub for $10 a Year and It can be used under All 6 Restaurants under the Thai Express Umbrella of Restaurants ^^
- Thai Express
- Shokudo
- New York New York
- Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
- Heng Heng Curry Rice

Sounds Yummy Right ? Faster Go Sign up the Card Now To Enjoy 10% Off your Bills when you dine at any of the 6 Restaurants!
Double Rebates on your Birthday Month as Well! WOOHOOO!

Bye Bye! ^^

With Love, M