Thursday, April 4, 2013

[F.T] Thai Express with the Community Games Bloggers!

Did you notice something new on my sidebar ? :)
YES ! I'm a Community Games Blogger Now! *Throws Confetti*

I was happy to be able to attend this food tasting session at Thai Express with the Community Games Bloggers and I must say I'm really impressed with what Thai Express is Offering now in their Newly Revamped Menu!
(ps, I forgot to bring my camera that day so i kop pictures here and there from my lovely friends and some are from my lousy iphone, so please bear with me on those lousy iphone photos! ><)

They have included Thai Street Snacks which will bring you a step closer to Thailand, or for Thai readers, a step closer to home ^^

Now take a look at the Yummy Dishes that we got to try out ! Try not to drool !

Crispy Caramelized Noodle with Chicken Cube
Mee Krob -  $7.90
The Best Beer Paring Dish of the Night! (No Alcahol was drank that night, dont worry!) Yummy Bee Hoon tasting noodles covered in sweet caramel sauce, which retained the crispiness of the fried noodles and the bits of chicken in it added a little different 口感 (taste) to the dish! Yum Yum!

Thai Rice Cracker served with Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce 
Khoa Tang Naa Tang - $7.90
Super Crispy Rice Cracker with the Creamy yet not Gelat Sauce, with bits of chicken and prawn, it will definitely make you crave for more! 
Something Great about this is the Rice Cracker, It maintained its Crispiness even though it was served about 20-30 minutes before we dig in because of the photo taking sessions!

Deep-fried Minced Crab Meat and Chicken Cake with Plum Sauce
Poo Cha - $10.40
-picture credit Chiam Hui Yan-
Super Yummy Crab Cakes! Crispy on the outside, Soft and Juicy on the inside, 1 word - Heavenly! And if you dip it into the plum sauce, It brings the freshness of the crab cakes to another level! Definitely a crowd favourite! Even kids will enjoy it!

Thai-style DIY Minced Chicken and Dry Kway teow Salad
Kway Teow Lui Suan - $9.30
Ooooh This has got to be my favourite dish of the night!
I love the hands on experience that we get when eating this. The way to eat this dish is similar to that when you are eating Korean BBQ Meat. You first Take a piece of lettuce, then pick up a piece of kway teow (please be gentle with it!) then you take a spoonful of the minced chicken and finally drizzle the yummy spicy sourish sauce over, and WAH LAH ~ Yummy Healthy Dish to be sent into your mouth! ^^

You will not regret ordering this, I think all ladies on diet can take this dish as well!

Stick Noodle with Minced Chicken and Prawn in Chilli Oil Soup topped with Crushed Peanut
 Kway Teow Sukhothai - $11.30
You can have 2 different types of taste of this noodle, with the chilli or without :)
With the Chilli, the soup base becomes more aromatic and it does enhance the flavour of the whole dish. And the crushed peanuts adds a little crunchiness to it! ^o^

Thai-style Roasted Chicken Thigh
Gai Op Pattaya - $9.90
Tender Chicken Thigh meat with 2 different sauce for you to dip in, 1 is spicy sourish (dark coloured one) and the other is sweet with a little bit of spiciness (Light/Clear coloured one) gives you 2 different ways to enjoy the roasted chicken thigh. I like how Thai Express presents their dish in a way that it is so appealing to the consumer . :D

Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Thai Basil and Century Egg
Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa - $9.30
And What's Thai Food Without Basil Chicken Right? At Thai Express, They have incorporated local ingredients like century eggs into their dishes so as to let the consumers experience a different style of thai dishes :)

Fried Taro with Cashew Nut
Pueak Himmapan - $9.30
I cant say much for this taro dish as I myself is slightly allergic to Taro, But i did took a small bite and it tasted like sweet and sour pork de sauce at first bite (Dont Worry, No Pork No Pork!). And the Cashew Nuts were Crispy which complemented the  softness of the Taro.

Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing
Tom Yum Peek Gai - $8.30
Note: Drizzle the Lemon/Lime Juice on the Wings Before You Start Eating This Dish, You Will not Regret!
The Sourness of the juice made the whole process of eating the chicken wing such a delight, hint of sourness in every bite of the crispy chicken wing makes a great impression on my taste buds! :)

So How is the Journey with me so far? Ready for Desserts? 
I know you are already Full By Now! HAHAHAHA!

Famous Thai Fragrant Pandan Jelly with Coconut Custard
Ta Kor - $6.80
MUST TRY FOR ALL PANDAN LOVER! Super Fragrant Pandan Jelly Topped with Saltish Coconut Custard (I dont know why its salty, maybe its because they added salt in it) and Corn. 1 mouth of this and you will fly! Haha, Not so exaggerating but it's really nice, Go Try !

Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk
Mun Cheam - $5.30
Did you read the Caption? Its Sweet Potato! Not Papaya or Carrot or even worst, Salmon! I recommend this dish to all sweet tooth out there! The Soft Sweet Potato drizzled with the coconut milk makes it more aromatic. Ohhhh I'm Craving for it now!

Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong with Sliced Jackfruit and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk 

Lod Chong Singapore - $5.30
I feel that this is a very Thai-ish Dessert because of the Green Emerald Jelly and Coconut Milk, Making it taste like something you can really find on the streets of Bangkok, With Slices of Jackfruit and pieces of red ruby, its a Symphony of Flavours Dancing on your tongue! 

Thai Express Coconut Paradise - $5.30

The Most Unique Dessert of the night would be this, At First You may wonder how do you go about eating it. Its Simple Actually, First Get yourself a Plate, Get Ready a clean spoon, Then Start Scooping a bit of everything in the cups! There is Sticky Rice, Sweet Potato, Atap Chee, Roasted Nuts and Coconut Ice Cream! Mix & Match in Which Ever Way you like! Be Creative with it! ^-^


After Typing all these at this hour, Im feeling that Im getting a Food coma. @-@
Too much food eaten that day, But with the Great Company, It was a Truly Enjoyable Night For me! Thank you Tiffany for the chance to attend this food tasting and also I wanna thank Community Games Singapore 2013 for hosting such fun gatherings! :)

Pic Credit Chiam Hui Yan