Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Keep NomNom - ing

Hey Sweeties, here's a short update on my space here as I need some time to tidy up some things. :)
Thank you for your patience, Will be back with more power packed blog posts soon! You Wait !!! ^O^

So, I was at Cineleisure the other day, so I headed over to my favourite place to dine there :)

Butterfly Prawn with Wasabi Mayo ! 

Scallop & Mentaiko Pizza (MUST TRY!)

Tonkatsu Curry Rice 

Sausage with Potatos and Mushrooms.

Macarons from Bakerzin :)

Pretty Tumblr-ish photo ? Yes ? No ?

Hahaha, I have been indulging in too much food recently, I have a few more yummy post coming up so please prepare your stomachs! ^^


I want to thank all the people who have gave me many encouragements along the way for the recent happenings and I do wish that I can move on soon (which i think I'm doing pretty well). I do not wish to waste anymore of my time on useless things ^^ I will spend my life to the fullest and do whatever I want, As long as I'm happy, nobody can bring me down.