Thursday, March 28, 2013

Extra Extra !

Hey Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!
Have you heard? Domino's Pizza is giving you Extra Cheese on your pizza for free!!
YES! Double the cheese !!! Woohoo! Cheers for all Cheese lovers out there ! *throws confetti*

Now, they are having a deal of 2 regular pizzas at $22 WITH EXTRA CHEESE, With no extra charges! You get to choose from Hawaiian Paradise, beef pepperoni, Very Veggie, Classified Chicken !

Whats more, There are party Deals now so if you wanna have a domino's party at home, Go Ahead and Give them a call, Or even Best, For all iPhone Users, You can download the iPhone App into your phone and start ordering there, No need for long holding calls to the Pizza Company anymore! ^o^

Now to show you all the pictures of the Domino's Party I attended on Monday. :)

Pretty Linda Explaining to us blogger about the all new Deal! Exciting just listening to it because it is really very Wu Hua (worth it) because Extra Cheese on their Yummy Pizza only $22 NETT ! HAHAHA!
YES, NO GST/SERVICE CHARGE ONE ! *victorybaby.jpg*

And Now, after all the details, Time for the Food !! YAY ! Feast your eyes everyone! 

Group of Bloggers Flocking to take pictures of the Pizzas ! ^^

Here's a list of the new Blogger Friends I met that day! WEEET!

Joey :)

Elgena !

Adam! The Only Guy of the Night!

Ending the post with all the gluttons! LOL!! haha! All the Awesome Bloggers

Haha, That's All Folks! Thank you & DOminos for the wonderful Night!
Did you enjoy the Cheese-zee Post?
Now you can get your own Cheezelicious Pizza from Dominos too! Go Ahead and pick up your phone and Call or Download their App or go to their Website