Thursday, March 14, 2013

LOL Toggle Recording 2!

I went for another LOL Talkshow Recording again ! ^^
This time i went with more friends and it was indeed an enjoyable one :D

Check out the Nom Noms from Dr Cafe! :D

As usual, Marcus Speaking to the Audience and Hyping them up for the recording later! ^^

That day, we had Ms Linda Teo from Carrie Models and a participant from a New Show also on LOL called "Models Reinvented!" Linda SUPER Dont Look like her age. Can Anyone guess her age?
Linda is very fun and cheerful which makes the whole recording session a wonderful one :) With her advise to "Believe In Yourself", From there people can see you in a different light if you have the confidence in yourself. So Start Believing in yourself and you, Too can become a model! ^o^

Then we had Ms Sharon Lim, The Editor in Chief from ELLE Magazine! 
She is so Cool and funky and the way she describes the trend that is coming this Fall, Makes us all excited!
Ladies get ready your Sexy Back and Twead(How do you spell this) Clothes ! ^^

That Night, The Fashion Segment was all sponsored by Forever21, therefore they were discussing about my favourite Hello Kitty Ipad Case from Hello Kitty X Forever 21 Collection! Sharon said that to look out for Bags/Clutches which has a soft metallic tone or just a simple colour! ^^

A photo with the Cool & Funky Sharon Lim ♥

Then we had Siti Zahidah , Talented Independent Girl!

Super Talented Lady with a good vocal. Be sure to check out her songs~ ♥

Picture with the beautiful ladies! ♥

After The Filming, While walking to the MRT Station, I spotted Lee Teng in the Stage Shop and manage to grab a picture with him! haha! He looks the same as on TV! LOL!! 

And I MET MY FAVOURITE DJ ! Dennis Chew ! Zhou Chong Qing! ♥
He is so petite and humble, I considered very long before I asked him for a picture. LOL. 
Total Fan Girl Mode. *shy*

So, did you spot the goodie bag I'm carrying in the pictures above?
The goodies inside are not to be missed! 
If you want 1 , Please RSVP now for the last 3 Shows AVAILABLE !!

It would definitely be worth your time to come for this experience!
COME JOIN ME and LOL now ! ♥