Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is L.O.L

What does L.O.L Mean to you?
For me It's Just Laugh Out Loud. And I believe that Every Single person should be able to Laugh their Hearts Out Everyday regardless of your social status or your health condition even. lol.
I love to laugh and I laugh almost every hour over something I see or hear around me, Okay maybe it's just my laughing point is really low that's why I can almost laugh at anything. :O

So, Why am I talking about the Topic L.O.L, because I have just attended a Great Filming Session for a Programme Called LOL - Laugh Out Loud Specially Catered to Only Female Audience! ♥
Head over to LOL Website, which has a video to tell you more about LOL!

Hosted By The Noose Cast Judee Tan and Style Monk Marcus AC. It is a SUPER GREAT Experience to join in their filming and know how things work behind the scenes! ^O^

I attended the Session on 5th March 2013 and I was SUPER LUCKY Because I got to meet 
CHUA EN LAI & HOSSAN LEONG! YES! The 2 Famous Host that I super Love on Channel 5 is right infront of my eyes! ♥-♥ Talk about Star Struck.

The Other highlight of the show was American Pop Punk Band All Time Low!
Everyone was screaming their heads off during their performance and it was indeed a great experience to hear the stars sing live! Great Vocals and Skills ♥

And we had a Guest Blogger Who is also a Brand Ambassador for My Beauty Diary Mask Grace Tan! :) She explained to us about the different types of mask and the proper usage of mask! ^^

So are you getting very Excited about the recording and want to join the FUN too?
The Dates Left to RSVP! 7,18,19,20 March 2013
Mark your Calendars now and Start Emailing them!
Remember to Like their pages to receive latest updates about the show and the Special Guests that is attending the different recordings! ^^
Marcus AC Facebook Page

Fastest Fingers First! Limited Slots Available!!