Friday, October 6, 2017

Xiao Ya Tou in Tanjong Pagar

4 Girls went on a date one day and we decide to drop by Xiao Ya Tou to try out the fusion dishes. Here are what we had and I must say the price tag isn't wallet friendly. Food Quality is there but I wish that there was more WOW factor.

The cute yet nostalgic posters hanging on all walls, Chinese Lanterns and metal gates. If you look closely at the posters, you might find something interesting too! I'm not going to spoil the fun for you.

Complimentary Achar from the restaurant, sourish and spicy at the same time. A great appetizer to start with!

I absolutely love the Crispy Otak Otak Rolls ($12). The Otak packed a punch and complimented the crispy skin wrapped around. I would gladly order another plate of this to go with beer.

Thanks to the staff's recommendation, we ordered the Drunken Flower Clams ($23). The broth was sweet and addictive with a slight spicy kick. The clams were yummy and it was a huge bowl for $23!

For Mains, we ordered the XYT Hokkien Mee ($16) which is Xiao Ya Tou's version of Stir- Fried Hokkien Mee. I must say this is an expensive Hokkien Mee. Though the flavour of the broth was present in every mouthful, I feel that we could always get a cheaper alternative outside.

We also ordered the XYT Lu Rou Fan ($13). This is no typical Lu Rou Fan, it is made from braised Wagyu Beef and served with a poached egg.

Let's try the Char Siew shall we? The Kurobuta Char Siew ($19) did not amaze us thou the charred bits were really addictive. 

We need a balance diet guys, so we ordered the Spicy Brussels Sprouts ($14). It consist of Minced Chicken, Chye Po and Chilli Jam. I really hate eating Brussels Sprouts but the one at XYT made it really enjoyable, maybe it's the mince chicken and Chye Po mixture.

Something to share: The White Sangria ($69) is made up of white wine, green apple, passion fruit, peach, orange, lime and lemon. We loved the fruity blast mixed in the white wine, A good balance overall.

Xia Ya Tou
6 Duxton Hill #01-01

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