Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trove of Gaia - Baby steps to a Zero Waste World

Today I'm here to share a company that aims to create Zero Waste World, to make Mother Earth a better place to stay in. Trove of Gaia is founded by fellow beauty blogger June Fong.

"Curating a series of brands hand picked from around the world, we offer a variety of food, skincare and household products for your everyday needs. We aim to provide you a selection of quality eco-friendly products stemmed from sustainable practices and fair-trade conditions."

Trove of Gaia is founded by June and she spent so much effort into make this a reality. Taking a step forward towards a Zero Waste society is what June is doing, baby steps each day. Take a look at some of the daily items that we all replace with sustainable products instead. From Cotton Pads to Cotton Buds and toothbrush.

I DID NOT KNOW this was possible!! June highly recommends this for ladies to try it out.

Would you like to try out the Bamboo toothbrush? It sounds really interesting, I wonder how it feels in the mouth as I have very tender gums.

I was really excited and I ordered the resuable makeup washable cotton pads! Cute packaging, very Raw and I love it!

The designs comes at random and they each look so cute and are so soft to touch. I tried them one day and it feels so good on the skin. You just have to wash it with make up brush cleanser soap and they are ready for the next use! How convenient.

Do check our Trove of Gaia on Facebook and on their blog as well. Three cheers to a better world, start with going for sustainable sources products. Hip Hip hurray~

Thank you for reading, With Love, M