Saturday, October 28, 2017

Flat Tummy and Overall Wellness with Nature's Glory

As the world gets more and more creative, we as consumers are getting spoilt for choices as well. From many different types of food to the wide array of beauty products to try. And in the process, we might build up toxins in our body unknowingly. But how many of us do really detox our body to achieve overall wellness? Well, I regret to say that I don't, and it is NOT good...

I am recently introduced to Nature's Glory Flat Tummy, which comes in a sachet of powder which you mix in water to consume to help achieve a better overall body health by detox and it also helps to reduce bloating. It is a product from Japan, so that's why I trust it even more.

What does Flat Tummy Contain:
It is a unique combination of friendly Probiotics and Prebiotics (lactose, oligosaccharides, Hatomugi Pearl Barley, plant enzymes) proven and tested by millions of users for over 28 years in Japan. Unlike most probiotics, the special strains of live Bifidus and Lactobacillus are able to withstand gastric juices and heat of up to 85 degrees C, reaching the intestines alive. Inside the intestine, with the special prebiotic combination, these living friendly bacteria proliferate and help loosen impacted faeces, break down harmful toxins in the intestinal system, reduce harmful bacteria and improve intestinal environment. Due to gentle action of the probiotics, usually no abdominal pain is experienced (unlike laxatives).

Also, the ingredients used in Flat Tummy are pure, safe and without herbal stimulants. Users often report much better bowel movement, and eased constipation, reduced belly swell, slimmer waist line, smoother and brighter skin, reduced body odour, reduced shoulder pain and even stabilised blood pressure.

Contraindications: Loose stools may be experienced after 2-4 hours of consumption, but do not worry. Effect usually wears off and stops within 2-3 hours. Those with stubborn constipation may experience bloated-ness / belly up due to increased movement due to stripping of impacted stool on the intestinal walls. Bowel movement may not happen on the same day of consumption but will improve with regular use of Flat Tummy.


I also got the Nano Energy Booster (NEB) Patch which is like a a restorative software programme is written, which is programmed into a small metalised patch. The patch contains a material similar to a DVD. We burn the restorative programme into the patch, then it is placed into a special energetic chamber, when it emerges from this chamber, the material is charged and can present the energetic programme as a "field of information”, which the body can understand. This can be used as a "reboot" for the immune system. Once this restorative information is received by the body and the mind, the natural immune system responds to the pathogens or virus immediately. Since we can now understand the mind and the body’s energetic network language, we can now restore the correct "pre-cursor messaging” and reboot the body to respond correctly.

There are 4 types of NEB patches and each patch can last about a week before you need to replace them.

(A) Sleep Support - to restore your energy for your best natural sleep patterns

(B) Comfort/Pain-Tens Support - to provide energy to reduce observable pain (such as body ache/headache)

(C) Cold/Flu-Bacteria Support - to help with bacterial infections supporting the immune system

(D) Candida (UTI) Support - for LADIES only, for fungal infestations, in candida fungus, yeast and fungus based vaginal infection

I got the Sleep Support one as well as the UTI one to try out. I have been having bad sleep patterns and I am excited to try the sleep support one. I just have to place the patch on my pillow on the spot where my head rests on and change it weekly.

I noticed that my sleep quality have improved and I do notice slightly that I wake up to better energy than before. The patches are very flat so there is no disturbance to my sleep or any discomfort to my head at all.

For the UTI one, I has to paste the patch on the White card and put it in my left bra and carry it around with me for the whole day. To be honest, it was a little uncomfortable but bearable. I did not feel any special difference but I believe that my body is slowly improving within to prevent any UTI related virus.

I wish to thank Nature's Glory for being the choice for organic health and wellness product. Do note that they have FREE delivery for orders above $150 on their online shop. I have shared so many great products from Nature's Glory, so it should be easy for you to hit the $150 quota. Hehe.

Thank you for reading, With Love, M

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