Saturday, October 28, 2017

Artistry Hair Professional - Hair Treatment Magic

Hello Hello~ I have a new hair project again this time, every visit to Artistry is full of surprises. This time, Elein will be trying to create a multi-dimension hair project for me using coloured hair treatment mask! This way, my hair would not be damaged, but instead will be moisturized and coloured at the same time. However, the colours are not permanent, they will wash out within 3-5 washes of hair, so it's fun and safe to try.

I am so happy with the results, and under different lighting, you will see different colours and styles. There are hues of purple, pink and ash. Every head turn is a different look. I would believe it is a trending hair trend now where stylists can try out and every time the results will be different.

It is amazing how Pink based hair mixed with Ash colour hair treatment mask can turn it into a beautiful Ash Purple colour. You can call up Elein at Artistry to ask for the price of the hair mask so that you can try your own hair experiment at home.

Close up look at the colours on my hair under sunlight. PURPLEEEEEEEEEE and ASH! I LOVE IT!

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With Love, M