Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Barashi-Tei New Menu - Foie Gras Sushi

New Menu Sharing Time. Do you remember Barashi-Tei? They have great quality offerings and pocket friendly prices. Today I am going to share with you some of the new items that they have.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($12.80), It remained crisp to bite even though we took awhile for photo taking and chatting around. It does not have the oily taste as many of the other soft shell crab dishes I've had before.

Ika Kabayaki ($16.80), This is a beautifully grilled squid which i did not get to try due to my allergy however I heard great response from my fellow diners that it was not over done and not rubbery.

Unagi Don ($18.80) came with a HUGE piece of Unagi on a bed of delicious Japanese rice. The unagi tasted fresh and was grilled evenly. Due to the size of the unagi, you can be sure that there is enough unagi in every mouthful to finish this bowl of goodness.

Chawanmushi Buddies, Chawanmushi ($4.80) & Ikura chawamushi ($6.80), the only dilemma will be whether to get the one with or without salmon roe. Haha. Popping goodness in your mouth.

Let's go on a roll with the beautifully crafted Unagi Salmon Mentai Maki ($14.80) or the Spicy Salmon Maki ($14.80). I personally love the Spicy Salmon Maki more due to the special kick from the special sauce and the tempura prawn wrapped within.

Highlight of the night, Foie Gras sushi ($15.80 for 2 piece) I was introduced to foie gras many years back and i still love it till date. The foie gras sushi from Barashi-Tei was thick and deliciously creamy in every mouthful.

For the friends out there who are looking for value for money sashimi, the Moriawase 12 piece ($28) from Barashi-Tei will definitely be worth every penny.

Something for the Nabe Lovers, Fresh Salmon Head Hotpot Ishikari Nabe Set ($18.80) is a unique twist on the normal type of Japanese hotpots that we know of. The fresh broth is loaded with vermicelli, Wakame, Mushrooms and tofu. 

No visit to Barashi-Tei would be complete without ordering a serving of their Homemade Tamagoyaki ($5). It has the perfect blend of eggy flavour and sweetness. I would say that it is juicy too, I'm really not good at describing the texture but you will have to try this for yourself!

Feel the urge to make a reservation now? Book your table at Barashi-Tei! Simply follow the 3 steps below:
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Address: 266 Middle Road, Elias Building, Singapore 188991

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun 10am to 3pm 
Mon - Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun - 6pm to 10pm

With Love, M

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