Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shop Beautiful with Love Pretty Plus


Hey Hey Hey! This time is the best time to start shopping for Chinese New Year Clothes am I right ladies? So for my dear fellow plus sized ladies, I have a great shop to introduce to you! Welcoming Love Pretty Plus! *Clap Claps*

At Love.PrettyPlus+, they believe that every plus size ladies deserve to be pampered with stylish yet affordable plus size clothings at wallet-friendly price. The duo's idealogy: Love.PrettyPlus+ will extend their sizing range (UK Size 12 to Size 22) and provides vast array of clothings, ensuring that Love.PrettyPlus+ clothings will be in every plus size ladies' dream wardrobe. 

They are SOOOOOOOOOOO thoughtful please! I Love wallet friendly prices for good quality and beautiful clothes! I was sponsored 2 pieces and here's how it looks on me!

Sizing: FREE SIZE (suitable for ladies UK12/UK14)

I love the colourful sakura prints which makes this top not just another top. I love the details and the material is made of stretchable neoprene material which is very comfortable on the skin. It's light and not too thin, it's best for us ladies in the humid Singapore Weather! 

Sizing: FREE SIZE (suitable for ladies UK12/UK14)

I love love love this dress when I got it! Why? 1. It is in the colour Navy, 2. It has floral prints on it, 3. It Has Pockets, 4, It has the cute mermaid details at the bottom & 5. It's material is so soft it just glides on your skin! I really super love the mermaid details on the dress, it makes it more fun to wear!

So girls, Do not fret not being able to find chio & affordadable clothes for Chinese New Year already! We Have Hope, Thanks to Love Pretty Plus for the beautiful pieces and I'm sure to pack them into my luggage for my penang trip this coming January!

Stay Beautiful and I wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for accompanying Michhysaurous in her journey of food, fashion & travel. Cheers to more exciting sharing with you in 2016!

With Love, M