Thursday, December 17, 2015



I am always fascinated with Japanese cuisine, the time and work they put in to creating each and every dish to ensure they come out the best. When I was invited to IPPIN CAFE & BAR, I was told that the dishes here are #BETTERTHANMOM 's Cooking. I had to come try it out myself!

IPPIN cafe & bar, they sell zakka items and also many imported Japanese snacks and wines for customer to purchase. They have a range of sake for customer to choose from. And if you can't finish your Sake in one dinner, you can always leave it here until your next visit. Very personalized service, very Japanese way of doing things, I love.

We started off with some appetizers, and we all know Japanese are particular about their diet, so we first had Crunchy & Fresh Veggie Sticks ($5). I love the green onion miso dip, it was a little savory but very appetizing to kick start the palete for the delicious food ahead.

Next is their Rice Ball with Fish Confit ($5) which contains a combination of 2 parts rice and 1 part barley - the japanese way of healthy home eating. The grains soaked up the fish confit - a balance of pufferfish, tuna, garlic. I could not stop popping them in my mouth.

Next up is my favourite dish of the day, and also a new item on the menu - Cold Yuzu Noodle -$15. Japanese love to have their sour and cold noodles in Summer Time! The noodles are tossed with a yuzu scented sour soya sauce to give a really refreshing kick!

The Beef Steak Set - $25 NETT allows you to try it with Wasabi Salt &/OR Garlic Soy. I say go for both together so that you can try them both out! It comes with Rice & Miso soup too!

Chicken & Egg on rice, also known as Oyakodon, the Oyakodon set - $15 NETT comes with delicious fluffy eggs and tender chicken cubes. They boil the chicken and onion with the Dashi(Stock) to ensure the flavour are infused strongly.

This last dish is a very homely dish that I would love to learn - Nikujaga - $5 is Ippin's version of Mom's taste of pork, vegetable & potato stew. every bite of this dish makes you want to head home and thank your mother for the countless delicious food she made. Very Homely, I like!

You can purchase some of the ingredients to bring home to cook your own homely dishes from IPPIN! Like the Yuzu Soya Sauce can be bought, or the garlic soya sauce. There is a wide range of japanese products imported at IPPIN, be sure to check them out if you are nearby!

All prices are NETT prices and they have FREE WIFI!
And if you download the SUGAR App, they have discounts waiting for you in there!

18 Mohammed Sultan Road
Tel: +65 6733 4794 
OPS: Mon - Sat: 1100 - 1500 (Last order 1430), 1700 - 2300 (Last order 2200)

With Love, M