Wednesday, December 23, 2015

3 Step Treatment with Headlines by Artistry


My hair was in a bad mess after not visiting Headlines for awhile and I did not take care of it at home either, therefore it has resulted in this. I had difficulty combing my hair after I wake up everyday because my hair was dry and I seriously too lazy to even apply any hair care products.. Behold:

So I contacted Elein and I had to get my smooth hair back while nursing my hair for my next hair project! Hehe. Keep you all in suspense first! :P Elein helped me do the 3 Step Treatment to lock in moisture and to nourish my hair to a better state. I'm smoking hot when I'm doing the treatment. Haha! #bareselfie because no make up.

After the treatment, Elein helped me trim my hair abit because my fringe was poking into my eyes already. Haha. A girl really cannot do without a good hair stylist and I would recommend Elein to you fellow ladies out there! This selfie got look chio anot? Good lighting makes everything look chio la hor? 

Another one to show you how smooth my hair was. Hehe. Anybody want's my number now? *Flips hair* I couldn't really tie up my hair due to the smoothness but I'm not complaining! Because the smooth hair came with a GLOW! Super Major Love~ 

Thank you Elein from Headlines by Artistry, Do visit them for all your hair woes and I'm sure you will come out satisfied. What's More, QUOTE "Michelle OR Michhysaurous" to enjoy up to 30% OFF All Hair Services! If I'm not wrong, I heard a little elf told me that after discount, this 3 Step Treatment is only under $180 for my type of hair length! Shhhhh, dont tell anyone. :P 

Hope we all have beautiful hair for the new year! 
Here's wishing you a Very Happy & Joyous New Year!

With Love, M

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