Sunday, January 3, 2016

Recent Beauty Hauls - Bobbi Brown and History of 후(Whoo)

Hey beautifuls! I'm back to share with you some of my beauty hauls I've got recently. I got them through a friend who was travelling so the prices are cheaper than outside I guess? Hehe. These 2 brands are new to my makeup collection but I'm diving in to try them out!

1. The History of 후(whoo) Lip Gloss Set of 6.
A Collection of long-lasting glamorous lip glosses that quickly melts into the skin and vivdly evoke the gorgeous colours of royal court jewellery. Provides UV protection and wrinkle control.

Descriptions are all in Korean T__T, but got Model number if you like:
1. R24, 2. 15. 3. R35, 4. R13, 5. R25, 6. R42

2nd Item that I invested was a Bobbi Brown Smokey Nude Eye Palette.
It is everything you need and more for a soft or sultry look this Fall. Featuring eight eyeshadows in a variety of neutral tones and matte, shimmer and glitter textures, it has everything you need to create a wide range of looks.

The shades include Cream (matte beige), Naked (warm matte nude), Woodrose (matte mauve), Silver Brown (sparkling grey brown), Watercolor Pink (sheer, sparkling pink),Nude Beach (metallic nude), Smokey Brown (metallic mauve) & Smoked (dark matte charcoal) - credits the internet

I can't wait to try out these 2 babies to try out a different make up look other than my usual.

Till then, M