Thursday, January 14, 2016

Shop festive with Zalora this Chinese New Year!

It's the time of the year again to shop for New Clothes! And Zalora has stocked up on tons of Chinese New Year collection for both guys and ladies!

Their photos for the collection looks great man! It's very trendy and stylish, no more Ching Chong Style for Chinese New Year! I believe in look good, feel great policy la! Haha.

Here are some of my picks for the ladies!

This Placement Floral Dress is so suitable for the lady like ladies, not my type definitely! Haha! I love the Off Shoulder details and I believe the white base dress will bring out the pop of colours for the flower prints! It is also available in Black!
For the lady in you.

For the Fun ladies, I would recommend you to get a pair of Pleated Cullotes as it looks feminine enough but it can help you avoid the hassle of sitting cautiously especially when you are visiting your relative's house where the chairs are "limited edition" #ifyougetwhatimean. Haha. This is more of a simplistic look when you pair it with a light coloured top to make sure even Ah Ma agrees.

If you are those that hate the Chinese New Year colours but still want to look on point on Chinese New Year, I would recommend this Double Layer Lace Dress in Navy. It is NOT Black, so Ah Ma and all your Aunties will not judge you or nag at you when you visit. Haha.

Here's my 2 cents worth of selection for the Gentlemen!

A nice polo tee with something red will be good enough for you gentlemen! And I believe a CN-Color Block Polo Tee will be so much more comfortable than a Shirt la. So Polo Tee for the way!

For those who do not fear the heat, please consider this CN-Suede Frontal Neoprene Bomber Jacket, I think it looks damn good when paired with a white Tee inside just like the model. Very fun & stylish at the same time!

And of course we will have the "I do not like to wear red" gang of brothers, so please look at this CN-Flap Pocket Brushed Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt, I'm sure Grey is a great colour to pair with just about anything!

A good pair of shoe to walk around is crucial with all the intense visiting. This CN-Mixed Material Moccasins looks really good and easy to wear and take off. Imagine you spend 5 minutes taking off your shoe, then your relative stand there wait for you... #awkward Haha.

*All images and information obtained from Zalora but all recommendations and selection is by me, myself and I*

I hope my suggestion is good enough hor, writing this post makes me want to go shopping but I'm broke after Christmas & Penang, so I'll have to wait for my pay check this month to do some Last Minute Shopping! 

With Love, M

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