Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vibbly Skin Beauty - Colour Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash extensions are getting really common nowadays and I must say that I'm craving to see something different. I visited Vibbly to remove my previous lash extensions and look at how lasting the lashes were after a total of 1.5 months. I am impressed since I'm a super rough person, the lashes can still stick to me without much care for it. Haha!

The lash removing process was nothing uncomfortable. First, a cream was applied to soften the glue used to attach the lashes and then Veira slowly removed the remaining lashes before doing a clean up on my natural lash. So I thought, what should I do this time round & I was introduced to Colour lash extensions! Say whatttttt. Yes! By adding Afew strands of colour lash to your normal lash extensions, it can bring out a whole new different feeling, more fun I guess! I was so excited I didn't know which colour combination to pick! I left it to Veira to decide for me. At first I thought red & purple or Pink & purple will be nice, but Veira say it might be too crazy for work, so we toned it down to Blue & Purple!

Here's the final look! It looks great doesn't it? The colour lashes are attached at the ends of my eyes to make the colors pop! At first I tot my whole eye was going to be made up of blue & purple lashes only! Hahaha!

And you can visit Vibbly for your fun eyelash extensions for this coming CNY! Look at the promotion!! p.s: that's my eye by the way! Hahaha!

Inserts a Selfie to show off my lashes. Haha. Be sure to give Veira a call to book your slots for Chinese New Year ya! 

Vibbly Skin Beauty
465 North Bridge Road
#01-5049, Singapore 191465
(5 min walk from Lavender Mrt)

Telephone : 63415818
SMS/WhatsApp : 94291688
Email :

With Love, M

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