Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What has been happening?

Hello my sunshines, Here's a short update from me in case you forgot who I am. Hahahaha!
Well, I have been very happy recently, Not much unhappiness to bring me down. 
People around me are showering me with love and care, I can feel that, Thank you so much!
And I am glad that I get to meet new people everyday.

People say Everyday is a New Beginning, so we should not let the unhappy things get in our way to spoil our brand new day, don't you think so?

I can't understand why some people choose to sulk and drown in their sorrows when people who care for them are trying to cheer them up so that they can get on with their life, I cant get it, I really don't.

Anyway, I have been fed with good food recently as well, Went to Jurong West for a SUPER DUPER YUMMIEST BBQ Stingray & BBQ Flower Crab. It was a day I would not Forget, Because my family order 3 plates of stingray and 2 plates of Flower Crab!! OMG. Well, you may say that its crazy, but the sole reason for us doing that was because Jurong West is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too far from our house in Pasir ris you see, So that's why we had to eat to our hearts Content! *Glutton Alert*

I got so much love from the people i work with recently as well, I get Flowers, Chocolates, Food, Food, Food and MORE Food. They love to feed me with food until Im going haywire for my meals. ><
And I think Im starting to get a sore throat, oh gosh I hate sore throats ! I need to talk !!!

Okay! Short short Update! Will update this space soon alrights ! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram for more live updates !! @Michhysaurous ^O^