Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday AHMA x SUPER CUTE BABY !

HELLO! YES! Today I am going to blog about my Ah Ma's Birthday ! :)
Dont ask me how old she is because a women's age is a secret ! Shhhhhh.

To start off, Here is a picture of me to remind you how I look like. lol wtf.

Okay, maybe just 1 more :P

So I reached my ah ma house and I just went on to play with my nephew. Super duper cute boy !

Then he was really fasinated with this new water drinking technique and couldnt stop . :O

*Hey! Here's something new to drink water with!*

*Satisfied smile but refusing to let go of the bottle*

*Dont take picture of me already! -throw tissue at you-*

*Continue to drink but missed the opening*

Hahaha, its so fun doing the captions for these photos :')

okay 1 more:
*Here comes Big Foot. BAM BAM BAM* -little kids like to wear adult shoes huh?-

Enough of my cute nephew, later you all want to kidnap him ! *protective Aunty*

Now I show you food okay ? Come Look at IT!

9 Layer Kueh (jiu ceng gao) !

Coconut Kueh ! -idk what is its real name-

Kueh something. LOLS. Me and my aunties call these the green popiah with coconut in it. >:)

Buffet Style ~ WOOT WOOT!

Whats a party without some alcahol right ? :) 
I super love this one ! Moscato, Sweet Alcahol ! YAY !

Look, im teaching my nephew to drink from young :) -sorry im a bad example-

And here's my Ah Ma's Birthday Cake ! Its from four leaves I think. Not sure of where it came from but the fruits are OH SO SOUR ! But the cake is OH SO SWEET. OMG.. I didnt enjoy eating it though. ><

Overall, it was a happy day spent at my ah ma house, a simple gathering but it has brought us much closer to each other and feeling more loved each day :)