Friday, November 9, 2012

[Ad] Green Cleaners!

We are all doing our part to save mother Earth Aren't we ?
We want to live on this planet for as long as we could!
So we have been starting to save her by using Recycled Bags, doing more Recycling Exercises, spending 1 hour of lightout time irregardless of what you are doing. All these are the small little efforts we do to save our mother earth, so why not do abit more ? By using non-toxic and environment friendly prodcuts to clean up the house or Offices?


So What is Green Cleaners?

Green Cleaners Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in January 2009 and began operations the following month, specialising in providing quality, eco friendly, healthier residential cleaning services.

Why Choose Green Cleaners?

With a large number of long established cleaning companies in Singapore, they believed that their unique focus on cleaning to protect health without harming the environment and 5* quality service would be well received. Indeed, they have rapidly established themselves as the leading green cleaning service provider having successfully serviced hundreds of satisfied clients, building a community of regular eco conscious friends and a solid reputation for quality and healthy home cleaning services. This has lead a natural progression into other service offerings, such as; commercial & office cleaning, bespoke facilities planning and management, promotion and awareness campaigns and support and staff training and deployment.

Tempted to Get Green Cleaners already? HOW??

1. For the ladies N gentlemen who feel that you are having a 2nd job at home after a long day at work,
Here are some options for you.

Regular Services
Twice Weekly / Weekly / Bi Weekly / Monthly

One time Services

Green Spring Cleaning / Move in / Move Out / Post Renovation

Festive Green Spring Cleaning Services

CNY / Christmas / New Year / Hari Raya / Deepavali
Take a look at their price guide here!

2. For the companies which can't make up your mind to hire normal cleaning companies or just a "Aunty" to clean up your office, Why not choose Green Cleaners which ensures you the safety of the products used. You can simply click HERE to get a quote.

Want to know more about Green Cleaners?

Or Simply Contact Them Here:

Tel (Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5.30pm): +65 6322 1479

After hours and weekends: +65 8306 6263

Green Cleaners Pte Ltd
14 Robinson Road #13-00
Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545

Cheers to a Healthier and Safer Life ! ^o^