Monday, November 5, 2012

2NE1 in CLARK QUAY x 20th Monthsary

I guessed Many Of us Blackjacks are not strangers to this Short clip posted by Singtel.

What was my reaction when I found out the whole event ?
This has to be the most rushed Friday of my life ! I HAD/NEED/WANT to rush down to see 2NE1 at CLARK QUAY READ BRIDGE ! SUPER LAST MIN EVENT !

Look at how far I was AWAY FROM THE STAGE. OMO!

Then the Muttons came out for some brief introduction and got everybody hyped up for the performance later! We all went from like "2NE1..2NE1..2NE1..." to "TWENI-ONE...TWENI-ONE..." LOLS.

After the muttons left the stage, there were these 2 amazing guys who played acoustic versions of 2NE1 songs. The crowd was CRAZY !!!!!! ^o^ 

After the 2 amazing guys, CAME 2NE1 !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

*sorry for the blurry photos*
AWESOME NIGHT! I took videos of all their performance but blogger wont let me upload them, So here's a picture of me after fangirl-ing with messed up hair and simple make up. :)

Then I went to have PORN'S Sexy.Thai.Food !
*Im finally here!*

Thai Iced Tea & Lemongrass Drink :) 

Pandan Chicken, Served Piping HOT!

Phad Thai!

Super cute design of Condiments for you to choose from :)

Thai Noodles in Fish Clear Soup

Minced Pork with Basil Leaf, MUST TRY ! Go super well with EVERYTHING!

Chicken Tom Yum Soup !! Feel the Burn ~ ITS DA BOMB !!


Yumz Yumz Red Ruby .

Here's a picture of me just incase you forgot How I look? LOLS.

After the Super filling Dinner, went home to rest my tired body and when I woke up the next day, The 2NE1 event felt like a dream to me, I couldn't believe it . :OOOOOOOOOOO

Then the next day was another dating day for me & G, we went for lunch at KFC for the yummy Refuel Package ! MUST TRY THE SPICY TOMATO ONE !! The Original recipe one is well, for the non spicy takers. :)

After that we went to roam around town then we settled down at Hans for some teatime snack :)

*Cheese Muffin*

*Apple Pie*

*Chio me with Cheese Muffin* lol.

Then we went to MBS, thinking of finding some sweet treats or maybe to see 2NE1 members roam around, BUT they went back early in the morning already, no luck.. meh. Hahahas. But nevertheless I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon with G :') I shall end the post here with Cutey Cutey Sweets from a Sweet shop in MBS.

Happy 20 months Anniversary baby ♥