Thursday, November 8, 2012


My mum brought the whole family to this GEYLANG place for Korean BBQ Buffet Dinner :)
*please ignore the Tim Sim Signboard, it dosent exist*

Here is the UFO Plate That You Grill your items on! The Heat is from the TOP! The orange light that shines down on your metal plate, Not The Bottom!

And also a small steamboat for you to cook some things which you dont like to be grilled.

Okay, Time to look at the buffet spread :)

Not Bad Right ? Hahaha, But I've seen some bad reviews about this place, But I find it worth it if you go with the OFFER/ Price, and not the usual price :)
You may need to be patient for the refilling of your soup.
AND ! There is no Butter given for grilling, they will ask you to grill some fat meat to get the oil out from there to grill your other stuffs. LOL.
Ya, so overall my experience there is Okay :) I'll give it a overall rating of 3/5 :)
Its up to you to decide Alright ? HWAITING!

I will explore more places for Korean BBQ Im Sure! ^o^