Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Canon PIXMA @ Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Hello Hello ! Good Day to you ! ^o^
So that day, I went do CHEF DANIEL'S KITCHEN for a CANON PIXMA Event.
Thank you CANON and OMY for providing me this chance to meet up with other awesome bloggers :')

The Kitchen is OUTSIDE ! Wow !

I spotted some buffet Spread being laid out near the bloggers table, & I was so Hungry. So I secretly....

Went Closer to take pictures, BUT, Got No Food inside Yet ): . Soooooo......

A new friend of mine told me to play around with the effect of the Dome shaped looking buffet Tray :)
Its quite fun actually. :P *The one beside me is another new friend, will intro later*

Then all the bloggers are given a set of crafting materials to do 3 different crafts! 

Then the event began! With Ai Sakura & Joanne-Marie Sim as host of the day! They are both so sweet!

This was the “Be Festive, Be Creative” workshop where 30 parent-child pairs learned how to make festive-related 3D photo frames, party hats and a wall clock using Canon Creative Park. So Look at the AMOUNT of People, But the little kids are all SOOOOOOO Cute!

Ai Sakura and Joanne-Marie Sim did abit of heating up the crowds excitement and eveyone was hyped up about starting on the Crafts! So did I ! So We started on the Crafts and we were exposed to the different printers and WOW, The printers all looked so Sleek, they make me WANT 1 for myself!!  Look at this!
Canon PIXMA iP4970
A high speed, high quality photo printer that provides a variety of creative printing options for still images and HD movies.
  • Colour inkjet printer
  • Media: A4, Letter and more
  • ISO standard print speed (A4): up to 9.3ipm (Colour)

I printed all my craft pictures using this printer and im quite impress with the speed of the printer, 1 picture is printed in less than a minute! I wanted to chat more with the girl helping me with the printer also not enough! Hahahaha. Well, the picture came out clear and pretty, no smudges and its not those pixels everywhere kind! I love it ! I TOTALLY LOVE IT! I would love to print pictures at the convenience of my home! ^o^

AND for those (hidden)ARTIST out there! 
Head over to Canon PIXMATown to get your creativity flowing and start designing 
your own crafts for this festive season! 

Or if you want to gift a special yet original and creative gift to someone special, like a friend/close friend/best friend/family/relatives etc etc ... Hahahaha, Head over to Canon's Creative Park !
 From Gift cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooks and Calendars! Lets your creativity RUN WILD with the vast options for you to choose from, and with a little thought, Your gifts will never be boring again! 
*YAY! Throw Confetti*

My Image Garden
My Image Garden is a new software from Canon which can help you in three different ways.

1. Organise
Launch My Image Garden from your desktop and it would find your photos for you. With the date stamps from your photos exif data, My Image Gardens will placed your photos into a calendar date view. From there you can categorise and organise your photos based on events.

2. Recognise
You can also organise your photos by person by using the face recognition feature which lets you simply organise the images on your computer by person. Once recognise you can made a priority list based on the faces on the people you print the most.

3. Personalise
My Image Garden also acts as a creative coach. The software offers creative template in various colour combination and patterns for your photos projects automatically. The software also includes Fun Filter Effect like ‘fish-eye’, miniature effect’, ‘toy camera effect’…etc, which you can apply to your images which could only be achieved by special lenses. The software also include simple image correction by using the Auto Photo Fix tool.

Exciting Enough for you? I have some more Exciting News for you!!

Its an app within Facebook to help users print Facebook photos of your friends and family. Print Your Days also help users create powerful collages using one of 24 background themes. Users can add text and fun photos effects, Talk about the variety of options available! Simply Amazing!

WOW! Thats alot of words for me to type out. *wipe sweat* Hahas, But ITS SIMPLY AMAZING that Canon has came up with so many awesome ways for the customers to explore at the comfort of their home.

Now I shall Show you the Refreshments that day! DROOOOOOL ~~

Sushi Platters!

Seared Tuna, AWESOME!!! Just look at their cute pinkish colour. I want some now!

Smoked Duck on Tomato Salad, I LOVE this smoked duck!

Assorted Satay! 

EE-FU Noodles, My Absolute Favourite Noodle Since Young!

Fried Fish Fillet

Deep Fried King Mushrooms

Prawn Popiah Thingy! Yummy!


And Here's What I Got Incase You are Wondering, Hahaha!

Look at the raspberry, GOT GOLD ONE! *Chomp*

2nd Round of Desserts! :O All The Bloggers were Enjoy themselves, So did I !

Here's me and My Partner of the Day, Yan Teng, A.K.A Tebisha! :)

Look at our happy faces with our super cute Party Hats!

Here's somebody whom I want to black list for eating our cakes ! >:(
Just Look At HER!!! *Rage*


She So Bad Right? Hahaha, Okay la! Just Joking ! Here's Tiffany Yong! Super cute girl with a super small face! Wth, I look like a giant here. O_O

Here's 2 Other new friends, Mr Chin & Priscilla !
Mr Chin Here is trying to figure out how to use a Nikon DSLR while Priscilla is laughing at him using it because she has a SUPER PRO Canon DSLR. OMGOMGOMG! DSLRs!

*Pris Started Snapping* 
*Mr Chin Figuring out another camera, WHY?*

Because of these 3 ladies!
Carmen, Hui Zi & Tiffany!

Here are SOME of the ladies :)

The trick to a smaller face: Take the picture from the angel where someone else is infront of you.
Dont understand my english? Just look at this photo! Thankyouverymuch!

Well, here's a girl so is so creative with her clock because she found all 12 different faces of herself to stick on the clock. WOW. Mine was like meh.

Then it  was group taking session for the parents and kids, BUT WAIT! Can you spot some weirdo among the crowd ?

Then its picture time! SPAM!

Hahaha, Shiok anot see all the pretty girls? >:)
Okay shall end off the post with a Group Photo of Us! Left to Right.

Be Festive, Be Creative! YAY~~~~~~~