Friday, May 8, 2015

Berrisom Lip Stain - Apply it, Wait for it, Work it.

*Beauty Review*

Recently I've seen this Beautiful Berrisome Lip Tint Pack going around in beauty world for it's wonderful long lasting power. So I couldn't resist and bought 3 of them from Qoo10 SG. When they arrived, I could not wait to swatch them and try them out!

Bright and attractive colours makes me really excited! Haha, is it weird to be excited about packaging? I hope not. They look so fun to have

Important point to note when purchasing Berrisom Lip Tint is their packaging. The Cap of the tube and also the safety seal. Read the buyers reviews first before purchasing to ensure that everyone got the same product from this Supplier before making purchases! :)

Applicator is similar to some of the lip products I have, which I personally find it convenient and easy to apply. Apply, Wait, Peel, Work it, 4 Steps! But becareful of the area you apply because it stains really easily!

When you squeeze it out, it is like this thick gel/glossy texture. Spread it around evenly and wait for it to dry. Usually about afew minutes will do. Colours here are
Virgin Red - A Deep reddish Colour that resembles blood when squeezed out
Bubble Pink - very bright pink colour that looks a little like strawberry jam
 Wild Scarlet - A orangey colour that made me a little afraid that the colour will be too intense.

After it's dry, Peel it and you'll have stained lips with no sticky feeling or colour transferring for long hours! Unless you are eating oily food, which happened to me, the colour on my lips were fading off, almost gone after my meal. Oh Man.. But well I guess oil base make up removers will work well to remove the lip tint right? :)

Here's a video I did using the Virgin Red colour. I love the intense colour!!

Hope you liked my review on this amazing product for lazy people like me who don't bother to touch-up their make up. Hahaha!! You're not as lazy as me? Hahaha, Ok. See you~

With Love, M