Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Michhysaurous Travelogue - BATAM 3D2N December 2014 (PART 1)

Travelling has always been enjoyable for me and I look forward to my next adventure everyday. Living in Singapore and with the advancement of technologies, I'm glad that we could travel to our neighbouring countries easily by Ferry or Car. This time, I'm heading to Batam for the first time!

Booking of Ferry Tickets and Hotel was relatively easy with online booking systems, all I had to do was to remember to print out my confirmation email.

Ferry of Choice: SINDO Ferry
Hotel of Choice: Venesia Hotel Batam
Date of Travel: 12-14 December 2014

Breakfast at Harbourfront Center before taking the Ferry to Batam!

The ferry ride was about 45 minutes and here we are! My First trip in Batam! *waves*

First Stop, A&W at Mega Mall just across the Batam Center Ferry Terminal.

Since we were early, we went to the arcade for some games first! They have Timezone there. But a point to note is that the game card that you purchase at this Mall's Timezone is not transferrable to another Timezone outlet. Which means you can only use your card at the outlet you purchased it from. Unlike in Singapore, 1 Card play all the outlets. hahaha!

Visited Venesia Hotel on 12-14 Dec 2014, Although Hotel was not near any shopping centers, I like that it was quiet and relaxing during my visit. It is a small hotel and I was in the Deluxe room, but there were no windows in my room. Booked the room for 2 Nights at SGD$98 in total.

 Breakfast was included. Simple fare of mee goreng, fried rice, some cereal, fruits and live station eggs! Pretty good in my opinion!

Since it's out of the way to most shopping places, but also not too far la. You can ask the receptionist for a hotel Taxi to send you to places and they have a standard rates to the different places, ranging from 50,000Rupiah to 200,000 Rupiah depending on your travel location. 

Nagoya Shopping Mall

Went to walk around, and settled in at Warung Cobain for dinner. Their menu is very unique and I even saw grilled Catfish and I was so stunned. In the end Ed made the ordering and the food is very yummy and pocket friendly too!
(L-R) Chicken Satay, Beef Curry thingy, Sambal Fried Rice

After dinner, we went to shop at the supermarket and I went crazy at the instant noodles section. But I wasn't the only one, I saw many singaporeans buying cartons and cartons of Indomee too! Hahaha!

After that, we got hungry again, so we went to try out the famous Ayam Penyet Ria. A little pricey for the size of the meat offered. But the chilli super good! Yeap, that cabbage looks like a crumpled tissue paper. hahaha!

This is the end of part 1, will blog about part 2 soon! My first experience in Batam has been a great one! Love the delicious food there! Stay tune to part 2! Bye bye!

With Love, M