Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aone Porridge - New Menu New Experiences!

*Food Tasting*

I believe that we have all seen Aone porridge around in Food Courts in the past few years and maybe you have seen them in shopping malls in the recent year too! Aone porridge have always been famous with their porridge in a claypot because it has good airflow and good insulation which locks in moisture and nutrients. I am glad to be invited to their outlet at Kallang Wave Mall for an introduction to their new menu!

Clean and spacious layout, creating a casual atmosphere where everyone would feel comfortable eating and sharing family-style comfort food. Because I believe that we tend to find comfort in food that are most familiar to us.

Starting off with some tea, their Signature Fruit Tea and my personal favourite, Jasmine Tea. I believe the fruit tea has some Hawthon inside which makes it a little bitter sweet but very pleasing to the palate. The Jasmine Tea is just plain Jasmine Tea but very good for cleansing the palete and tummy from all the delicious food that you are about to have.

Premium Dried Scallop Porridge(pictured) & Dried Scallop Porridge with minced meat & assorted egg were two of the delicious porridge I got to try that day. My bias would be the Latter, It was more to my suited to my taste due to the use of meat and assorted eggs like Century egg and Salted egg. 

Steamed scallop with minced garlic & vermicelli - Very aromatic when it was served, we rushed though the photos because we could not wait to dig in! Fresh Scallop topped with fragrant garlic, resting on a sea of vermicelli was a tad salty but if paired with Aone's porridge, it would be just right.

Deep Fried Pumpkin and Lotus Root with creamy salted egg sauce - It came to us golden brown and my table had high expectations for it but it was oily in the mouth and the salted egg punch was not strong enough. I gave up after 1 piece.

Premium Claypot - Consisting of Abalone Mushroom, Scallop, Sliced Fish, Prawn and Fish Maw. Light taste, suitable for people who have light taste buds, fresh ingredients and very homely feel.

Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce - A very localized dish where sambal is used to stir fry vegetables till fragrant, albeit slightly oily, it was really fragrant and delicious, pair with porridge for optimum taste.

Honey Chicken - Suitable for all young and old, Crispy fried chicken tossed in sweet sauce sprinkled with sesame seed, presented with cute little cucumbers around is definitely a MUST ORDER in my opinion. I ate like alot of this during the session, I love it!

Thank You Aone for the invite for this wonderful food tasting session, I have been a fan of Aone's porridge and I will continue to patronize even if they never invite me to the food tasting! hahaha!

With Love, M