Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alfero Artisan Gelato - Even the godfather loves it

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Why does Alfero Artisan Gelato not display their flavours? How would I know which flavour to choose? How would I know If I could ask for a sample anot? Many of these thoughts came to my mind when I walk pass Alfero everytime. Why only their shop cover up their ice creams like they are selling Soup instead?

Well, Marco Alfero, founder and owner of Alfero Gelato, came from Turin, Italy to Singapore in October 2009 to deliver us “il paradiso” (“heaven” in Italian). Made using only the finest quality ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe, Alfero Gelato is stored in pozzetto cabinets where exposure to light and air is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the smoothness and quality of the ice cream.

 Marco believes in serving only the best-tasting gelato to his customers, which is why he is the only man in Singapore who keeps his gelato covered while on display (unlike other ice cream cafes which display their products in full glory while compromising on taste and texture of their creams). This brave move and unique concept will certainly delight customers, as the difference is certainly unmistakable and almost impossible to miss. 

A Pretty good menu with Waffles(my favourite item on menus), Pastries and also Coffee and Tea.

And here you go, my first cup of Alfero Gelato, Smooth texture and full of flavour. No artificial colourings, you are getting the real colour of the ingredients used in creating the gelato. With ingredients specially sourced from different parts of italy and europe, you can ensure that you are getting every cents worth!

An Affogato means "drowned" in Italian, which is a coffee base beverage where it usually is a scoop of ice cream/gelato paired with a shot of espresso, you then "drown" the scoop of deliciously sweet ice cream with the shot of espresso to achieve another level of flavour. At Alfero Gelato, they recommend the Durian gelato to go with the Espresso shot, a very unique pairing but surprisingly good.

And a visit to any gelato shop will never be complete without ordering a Waffle. Toasty and Fluffy Waffle, topped with freshly made Gelato. My choice of the day was their crowd favourite Bacio and Pistachio. Bacio is the ice cream version of ferror rocher, as explained by the staff, making it irresistible to anyone who is a fan of the nutty, chocolately flavour. The Pistachio Gelato is made from the pistachio that Marco specifically chosen to ensure the premium taste.

I'll definitely be back for more Gelato and only at Alfero Gelato! Their commitment to premium ice cream quality is very attractive,

Alfero Gelato

Marina Square #02-226A/B
1200 - 2200 Daily
Tel: +65 6338 5828

Orchard Gateway #B2-06
1200 - 2200 Daily
Tel: +65 6702 6322

With Love, M