Sunday, March 22, 2015

JWEL Ice Cream - Now in a pack of 6!

Encouraged by feedback from ice cream enthusiasts, The Individually packed JWEL ice cream is so convenient to  share with family and friends. And now, there's more to go round with the all-new JWEL Multipack of six sticks of pure luxurious decadence. Available in five  flavours, Coated in thick, almond-flecked chocolate, every stick exudes its own indulgent twist to the classic flavours of Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest.
In a pack of 6, You can find  3 of each, delicious Vanilla and aromatic Caramel. This box is suitable for the sweet tooths! Sweet vanilla ice cream scented with finest vanilla essence, coated with a layer of chocolate with almond bits for that extra crunch. The Caramel charms with its sweetest drop of caramel heaven.

The duchess of double chocolate entices all chocolate lovers, making you screaming for more! The beautiful royal purple packaging encasing a delightful sensation of Crunch from the chocolate, which will unravel a smooth chocolate ice cream within. 

The arrival of pink & blue welcomes the Brazen Baron Black Forest and the Curvaceous Countess Tiramisu. The black forest oozes with the darkest of chocolates to tempt you with the very best of the Black Forest, while the tiramisu has a distinctive coffee flavour mixed with the finest chocolate to create a sensually creamy experience. 

You can grab the new multipack of six JWEL ice cream now available at $10.90 (previously priced at: $9.80 for a multipack of four) at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Selected 7-11 outlets at $2.95, Cheers at $2.75, SPH Buzz Outlets and SPC Stations at $2.70

Till next time, Chomp away~

With Love, M