Saturday, May 9, 2015

Michhysaurous Travelogue - Osaka & Kyoto Trip March 2015 (Part 2)

Here's part 2 of my Japan trip! This post will be about my night at Shisaibashi / Dotonbori.

Tour bus drove us to Shisaibashi but you can take their subway to M19 on the Red Line (Shisaibashi Station) and arrive at the same place. :)

This is their Pachinko & Slots arcade. Brightly lit signboards will make it hard to miss!

On the bridge from Shinsaibashi to reach Dotonbori, The Star is the location of the bridge where you will see the famous Glico man and all the brightly lit signboards, which means you have arrived at Dotonbori!

The very famous gigantic Crab with legs that move, you are sure that this is the best place to have delicious and fresh crab feast at Dotonbori, Well, at least that's what I had..

You can't miss this Takoyaki Shop! It has a HUGE Octopus on it's signboard! You can also find a snaking queue at it's shop although the takoyaki chefs are flipping non stop!

Roasted Chestnuts about twice the size we see in Singapore. They are freshly roasted in a huge machine gun looking machine that is on the opposite street of the Takoyaki shop. When you hear a loud BANG, it means that the chestnuts are ready. Best snack to have in the cold weather!

Famous mascot of Dotonbori, Must buys are the Kuidaore Taro Pudding - A Caramel Pudding Dessert!!

Here's a Video of the Kuidaore Taro Pudding

And Hello Kitty Fan can go crazy in almost all souvenirs shops in Japan! It's Crazyyyyyy! I'm Screaming~~

After all the shopping, We are so hungry!! Went to queue for the famous Ramen stall which has a Huge Dragon on top of the shop!
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Steps to eat here.
1. Buy tickets here between 2 selections - More Meat or Less Meat
2. Make Payment and collect your ticket - Don't lose it ah!
3. Queue up for seats and wait for the staff to call you.

Unlimited Add-Ons for you to add on to your Ramen. Kimchi and Garlic!! Added Meat Bowl of Ramen only cost SGD$12!! SO YUMS!!

Must Try Waffles!! Maison de Gigi, it's found along the walk from Shinsaibashi to Dotonbori! Keep your eyes peeled! They have so many flavours like chocolate, Matcha, Original etc! And also, along the walk, there are so many cafes selling beautiful desserts, Too bad I didn't have time to go to them 1 by 1. But I will be back! I promise, Osaka wait for me!

Shop till too late, missed the tour bus back to hotel, so we took the Japan Subway! YAY!! 

Alighted at the correct station but still got lost on how to walk back to our hotel. Had to ask so many kind japanese people for direction. Japanese Pronounce English words are not very clear. We said Hilton Hotel but they didn't understand. We learnt that they said it as He-Lu-Ton Hor-Te-Lu. Haha. Cute hor?

Pocket Wifi is definitely a MUST in Japan as it makes me feel more safe as I can always be connected with my family at home. And I can also post to instagram and facebook to connect with everyone! :)

Here's Part 1 if you are looking for it.
Part 3 is coming up, So please look out for it!

With Love, M