Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - FREE Shipping on all orders!

Online shopping is always such a hassle free thing to do anywhere, at home while you are lazing on your bed, or when you are having your lunch break in the office. Browse through the website awhile and have at least 10 items in your cart.. This is how I always am when I'm online shopping. Cart Cart Cart, Decide later. haha.

A little about is the first online store in Singapore that combines the B2C and C2C markets into one solid platform. Whether you’re looking for the perfect product or selling the perfect product, we’ve got the right avenue for you! We also have one of the widest range of home appliances in an online store based in Singapore. Finally, we offer “Personalized Order Schedules” that make sure you get your products when you need it at the right time!

Shopping on GoBuyLah
Shopping on GoBuyLah is basically the same as any online portals. Browse through the Many different brands and filter according to what you want. They have snacks, organic food items, beauty products, home appliances, massage packages and many more. And what's Best is that they offer FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase!!

And remember to check out their Hot Deals Section!! All prices are pretty good buys! Like 3CE products!! WOW man! There are so many things to buy lah, omg. Just Go Buy Lah! Hahahaha!

Arranging for delivery is a breeze too. Input all your information correctly and follow the flow.
Billing Information > Shipping Method > Payment Information ( Payment Method) > Choose your Delivery Date > Double Check your order and Wait for it to come!

GoBuyLah's Delivery is pretty efficient, If you submit your order before 3pm today, it can be delivered to on the 2nd working day! BEST THING IS, they do deliveries on Saturdays too! It's much more convenient for working adults like me where there is hardly anybody home during weekday noons.

Now let me show you what I got! I've got my dream Sandwich Maker from Cornell - The Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker and also I finally got a Waffle Iron!! Time to make delicious Waffles at home!

Make up products from 3CE looks really good too! And there are bundle offers on GoBuyLah! So do check it out! Though they do not have the full range of products. These are my first 3CE purchases! 2 lipstick and 1 lip gloss. Will review them in another blog post. 

And Now, GoBuyLah is going to run a Mother's Day Contest! This Mother's Day contest is very interesting, they are giving out this mobility scooter, very useful for the senior parents. If you re-call seeing some ah gong ah ma(Grandpa Grandma) riding it to shop at neighbourhood markets, haha, yes they are giving that away! 

A Surprise Gift for your Mum! Win a single-seater mobility scooter worth $1400!

How to enter:1) Post in the comment...

Like them on Facebook and get to know more details on how you can win this for your Mummy, Daddy or ah ma ah gong!

Special Discount Code for Readers of Eat.Shop.Play
QUOTE 'MICH05' at checkout to enjoy additional $5 OFF on top of your new user standard $5 OFF.

See you next time, Tempted already? GoBuyLah!

With Love, M