Monday, May 18, 2015

Skin Shape Club - Pampering for the Busy Ladies

*Beauty Review*

With the very busy life we are all leading now, it's hard to find time to have a proper pampering session to fit in with our schedule, But skin Shape Club has something for you, Treatments done in 30 minutes and can be done daily, WOW! I am invited to try out 4 sessions of Skin Shaper Plus Program within a month.
Skin Shape Club specializes in Spot-On Skincare & Slimming Designed By Dermal Experts . Made Better With Medi-Technology. Regular gentle treatments can better upkeep and improve your skin and body health. 

 Skin Shape Club is founded as a boutique club to allow you to learn more about overall wellness and conveniently receive clinically-proven skin and slimming treatments that help keep you in good shape. 
First is Consultation to asses your current skin condition and/or body condition so that they know which and what treatment would be best for you.

Treatment duration falls between 30mins to 1hr, highly suitable for people who has limited time yet wish to be well-groomed. Their aestheticians are professionally-trained and regularly being tested to ensure they provide optimal care during treatment procedures. 

Here's my face before & after the 1st session.

And here is my face before and after the 2nd treatment which is a week later.

After Treatment Lounge area. This area is exclusively for all Skin Shape Club members to come her to relax and just chill out and have a light snack. Even if you are not having any treatment that day, and you want a quiet little space, you could pop by here! With Complimentary Wi-Fi for all members and you can get invitations to workshops and talks Skin Shape Club organize throughout the year. That's why it's called a Skin Shap Club! Not Spa or Salon! This idea I like! It's like a personal little space to escape for awhile.

Skin Shape Club
Orchard Central #03-13/14
Tel: 6589 8331

With Love, M