Tuesday, July 29, 2014

National Day Buffet Extravaganza with STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar, Bay Hotel Singapore!

Looking forward for a buffet extravaganza this National Day? STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar has a special National Buffet Spread only Valid 9th August 2014, from 6.30pm – 10pm! The buffet highlights include many local flavours with a twist, like the Chilli Crab Penne, Paper-wrapped Chicken Risotto, Steamed Hainanese Chicken with Breaded Rice Balls and more!
Lemongrass soda                                                    Carrot Seduction

Rev up your appetite and start the buffet off with some Tiger Prawns with Warm Ginger Sauce. The tiger prawns are marinated with ginger juice and steamed to perfection. When paired with chef’s very own homemade ginger dip, it enhances the prawn’s natural sweetness and gives it an aromatic kick.This soulful dish is sure to warm up your taste bud and get you ready for the mains.

Fire up your appetite with one of our highlight, the Chilli Crab Penne. Prepared at the live action station, chef combines al dente penne, de-shelled crab meat with his homemade chilli sauce to create a flavourful gravy. You can select the level of spiciness according to your liking, don't be shy to speak to the chefs!

The famous local favourite, Steamed Hainanese Chicken with Breaded Rice Balls will also be served with a modern and fun touch. The rice is kneaded into bite-sized balls, and coated with a layer of Japanese breadcrumbs before entering the fryer. Now, that's a real twist to the local favourite, I love the fried rice balls and I could not help but eat afew more! If you pair the golden brown rice balls with tender chicken chunks and a special chilli tomato chutney, this dish is instantly given a refreshing twist in both taste and texture.

The aromatic Paper-wrapped Chicken Risotto at STREET 50 is presented with an Italian twist. Arborio rice are stuffed into chicken mid-wings, BONELESS, which are marinated for six hours with a blend of Chinese herbs and spices, before they are wrapped into little packages and deep-fried to perfection. Every package is a harmonious marriage of Chinese-Italian flavours, one is never enough. I love that it's boneless which makes it super easy and addictive!

Any celebration wouldn’t be complete without delightful sweets. End your evening on a perfect sweet-savoury note with a bowl of Yam Paste served with Gingko Nuts, My favourite dessert at any wedding dinner or any other place! The smooth yam paste is drizzled with salted coconut milk for a light savoury touch, bringing back memories to anyone, though I usually do not get salted coconut milk, the STREET 50's version is pretty interesting to me, the blend of the sweet & savoury flavours.. Mmmmm.

Adults: $49++
 Complimentary Singapore Sling cocktail
With every 3 paying adult, 4th paying adult get to enjoy the buffet at $4.90++

Kids: $25++ (Between 6 and 12)
 Complimentary Merlion Swing mocktail
 Kids below 6 get to enjoy complimentary National Day buffet with every paying adult.

Every paying adult and kid will receive a complimentary Singapore Sling cocktail or Merlion Swing mocktail, a replica of the classic local cocktail.

Thank you Bay Hotel Singapore for this exclusive invite to try out the special National Day Buffet Spread!
Quick, grab your seats for this 1 Day Only National Day Buffet!


With Love, M