Sunday, July 6, 2014

[F.T] Sampoutei Ramen - Best of Nigata Ramen

Established Popular Japanese Ramen Chain - Sampoutei Ramen from Niigata recently unveiled its flagship outlet among the stretch of shophouses in Holland Village! 

Sanpoutei Ramen
253 Holland Avenue #01-01
Singapore 278982

Founded in 1967 by Mr Yukihiro Kaneko, sampoutei presents to customers the most authentic Niigata-style Ramen; easily identified by its unique noodles and selection of soup base.

Ramen noodles are freshly made in the shop daily with specially-imported top quality flour from Niigata, the Rice Capital of Japan, each strand of noodle is crimped instead of straight or wavy and possesses a light gold hue. Only 200 Portions of Ramen noodles are prepared daily, I seriously hope the next time I head down for it at dinner time, it is still available!

Boasting premium quality ingredients prepared with careful precision, each bowl of ramen aims to woo the palate of discerning ramen lovers with its noodles; prepared fresh everyday in the shop, and flavourful broths, such as the signature Niigata Shoyu ramen in a clear fish stock-based broth.

Start your journey at Sanpoutei with some sanpoutei Deep fried spring chicken with the refreshing Oroshi Yuzu Ponzu Sauce($7.80) or take on a exciting ride with the Mori-miso cucmber ($3) - Chilled Crunchy Japanese Cucmbers topped with a relatively spicy miso paste despite it being stated as mildly-spiced, or the Bamboo shoots dressed with spicy miso ($3). In-between your meal, enjoy the plump and juicy Edamame which is grown with them drinking water from natural waterfalls in Niigata. I do not eat Edamame but I can't stop eating them so it means they are very good!

The Sanpoutei signature Niigata Shoyu Ramen ($14) is made from a proprietary recipe, the soup base, which is simmered for 6 hours, consist of chicken, pork, mushrooms and most importantly, two kinds of premium niboshi(dried sardines). Each bowl of ramen is then topped with aburi(torched) cha shu which has beautiful marbling and every bite melts in your mouth, onsen egg, bamboo shoots and a huge piece of seaweed completes this beautiful masterpiece. Okay, i need a bowl of this right now!

W Soup Tonkutsu Ramen ($16) - Collagen-rich pork bone based broth that has been simmered for 12 hours, which gives it the milky colour is the popular choice among locals. Owner of Sanpoutei said that they did not understand why Singaporeans love tonkutsu based ramen so much, because in Japan, they love the Shoyu Ramen more than Tonkutsu ones!

Besides piping hot bowls of ramen, sanpoutei also serves up delicious rice specialties using only the most premium rice in Japan - Niigata's crystal clear waters renders top quality Kurotori rice which is prized for it's exquisite taste & bite. Used in the Butariki Niigata Rice Mini Don ($4); a satisfying bowl of pan-fried shoyu flavoured pork slices, spring onions, raw egg and sanpoutei's special sauce.

Complement the meal with a thoughful selection of Niigata's finest sake which is available from $10 for a 140ml pour. Alternatively, you can enjoy ice cold beer such as Sapporo Premium Beer or Tiger Beer.

And a meal is never complete without desserts, at least for me. Sanpoutei offers three flavours of ice cream at $3 per scoop or $8 for 3 scoops. Indulge in the pretty yellow Yuzu sherbet, the ever popular Matcha or the yummy Black sesame! Each have their own distinct charisma that I would recommend all to try!

Thank you Sanpoutei Ramen for this wonderful invite for the yummiest Niigata Shoyu Ramen and I'm sure I'm heading back soon!! I need my fix of both Ramen & Kurotori rice!

With Love, M